Jewel-Toned Hair Color Ideas for 2018

We highly appreciate all those lovely hair color trends that pop up in Fashion Weeks. Recently fashion gurus were freaking out over the stunning blend of bright jewel-toned hair colors. These bright and catchy hair colors feature purples, teals and other unnatural hues. If you are truly ready for a big commitment these tones might be just perfect for you. Read on to see some of our favorite jewel-toned hair color ideas for 2018. Keep in your mind that these tones are bound to be a hit this year as well.jewel toned hair colors for 2018Sapphire Blue Hair Color

It is not a secret that blue hair color has been trending since 2016 but day by day it is getting evolved and now we can see the deep sapphire version of the shade. No doubt, we are in love with this a little bit darker shade. Compared with bright pastel blues a deep sapphire is a lot easier to maintain. In case if you want to rock a jeweled-tone hair color with less maintenance, consider this option.Sapphire Blue Hair ColorRuby Red Hair Color

Achieve the mermaid vibes with a lovely ruby red hair color. The darker undertones of red bring out the deep hues of rubies. This jewel-toned hair color is an excellent choice for all redheads out there. However, the tone can be adopted by brunettes and blondes as well. The red ruby requires some upkeep. To make your hair color last longer don’t, use conditioners and shampoos for color treated hair.Ruby Red Hair ColorEmerald Green Hair Color

Here is another deep shade that is as amazing as the previous one. Emerald green is quite affordable and surprisingly flattering. When it comes to this color, you can either soften it with yellow undertones or cool it up with blue tones. It is possible to opt for a darker version of hair look by opting for emerald green and black color combo. Below you can see one of the best example of emerald green hair color.Emerald Green Hair ColorAmethyst Purple Hair Color 

If you want a swoon-worthy hair color, look no further than this amethyst purple shade. This color is quite dimensional as you can notice the purple, silver and lilac undertones incorporated into the style. If you want to keep a purple hue like this one on point, make sure that you are using a purple mask. Regular touchups will keep your hair color fresh and stylish.Amethyst Purple Hair Color

Teal Hair Color

What about this greenish hue? This teal blend provides with silky and delicate color combo. Obviously, it is unnatural shade, so you should go for regular touchups to keep your hair color bright and shiny. However, teal is a powerful hair color that will never leave hair fashion. If you are a brave lady, go ahead with the shade and make a bold statement.Teal Hair ColorPurple Balayage Hair Color

Need some pops of color throughout your hair? Consider purple streaks. Deep purple roots make a perfect combination with lilac tips. The contrast between these two shades is pretty much visible. This color combo makes an excellent option for braided hairstyles.purple lilac balayage