Light Brunette Hair Colors for 2018

Females, who still think that blondes have more fun than brunettes, obviously have never experimented with the most sophisticated shades of brown. This natural hue is extremely versatile and it can create incredibly amazing looks. Whether you are searching for the lightest golden tones or you just want to spice up your hair color with some honey and caramel highlights, here you will find some light brunette hair colors for 2018. None of these natural hues require radical changes. Keep things natural with one of these lovely brunette shades.Light Brunette Hair Colors for 2018Light Brunette Hair with Caramel Highlights

This light brown hair color looks absolutely smashing with medium skin tone and green eyes, although it flatters women with other complexions too. The color looks fresh due to the right amount of highlights throughout her hair. Strategically placed highlights give extra pop to brunette strands. A single half up half down braid completes this look.Light Brunette Hair with Caramel HighlightsLight Brown Hair Color with Blonde Highlights

This light brown hair color almost appears blonde due to the addition of blonde highlights. The highlights are applied throughout the hair to brighten up model’s features. Dark and brown lights add extra depth and texture to her look. This particular style proves that you don’t have to pull off super light shade of blonde to enjoy the style.Light Brown Hair Color with Blonde HighlightsLight Sandy Brown with Highlights

This look has been achieved with the help of many blonde highlights. The combination of blonde highlights and light brown tones provides a ravishing sandy brown tone. This sandy brown hair color looks absolutely stunning on a wide array of skin tones. Go for beach waves to bring out your incredible color combo.Light Sandy Brown with HighlightsLight Brown Hair Color with Ash Highlights

Instead of adding plenty of light highlights to your hair, you can go for a few brighter highlights to create an ashy tone. The light streaks are placed only around the face to create a lovely frame. The best thing about this look is that it creates a sophisticated hair look without extra effort. Forget about full commitment as several highlights are more than enough to provide you a modern hair color.Light Brown Hair Color with Ash HighlightsLight Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Light chestnut brown hair color is so flattering with this model’s skin tones. In case if you want to brighten up your dark brown hair color, opt for chestnut brown hue. This shade will not only emphasize your eye color but also bring out your natural glow. You can easily achieve this shade on medium brown hair color. The look is available for women of different complexions.Light Chestnut Brown Hair ColorBrown Hair Color with Golden Highlights

These light brown highlights look incredible with golden highlights throughout the locks. With the addition of golden highlights, this brown hair color gets noticeably lighter. Unlike traditional ombre designs that require a dramatic transition, these highlights seamlessly blend with the shade. It is a great option for everyone who wants to achieve a sexy look with lovely highlights. However it is a low-maintenance style that is worth trying.Brown Hair Color with Golden Highlights