Blonde Hair Highlights for All Hair Colors in 2018

Are you ready to add some shine to your hair with blonde highlights? We have rounded up with some luscious blonde hair highlights for all hair colors in 2018. Subtle blonde hair highlights or lowlights are being applied to create a new look. These highlights are amazing for everyone and they create a variety of stunning looks. As there are numerous shades of blonde you can choose something that works with your current hair color. Blonde highlights are mostly chosen by brunettes who want to experiment with lighter shades without full commitment. Go through out article to find your favorite look with blonde highlights.Blonde Hair Highlights for All Hair Colors in 2018Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Go a little bit lighter and brighter for the upcoming seasons. The blonde highlights throughout brown hair add extra shine and depth to the strands. Wear these highlights on chocolate brown base and in carefully styled mess and make sure that the highlights perfectly frame your face bringing out your perfect features.Caramel Blonde Highlights

This style is for those who want to add extra dose of spice to an already hot look. The caramel blonde highlights are always good idea for dark chocolate brown hair. However this color combo is pretty flattering for the bronze skin tones although it is an available option for ladies with other complexions as well. No doubt, the look is flawless!Caramel Blonde HighlightsBlonde Hair with Blonde Highlights

Whether that sounds crazy or not but blonde highlights look absolutely amazing on blonde hair too. For blonde balayage highlights you can choose literally any shade of blonde- platinum, baby, sun-kissed, ash blonde and etc. There are really numerous options to choose from plus it is an effortless style for you, as you don’t have to bleach your hair.Blonde Hair with Blonde HighlightsBlonde Highlights on Red Hair

Blonde highlights blend really well with other hair colors, and here is the next example. Blonde highlights are placed throughout red hair for a sophisticated and chic hair look. This blend of red and blonde is a great option to enhance your complexion while giving some color to your face. It is a flattering color combination for women with fair or medium skin tones.Blonde Highlights on Red HairBlonde Brown Balayage Highlights

You can soften your brown hair color by applying balayage blonde highlights. The shadowy roots give a natural appeal to the blonde streaks. The lighter streaks frame the face while giving extra shine to bronze skin tone. The best thing about this look is that it is low-maintenance as you don’t have to think about revealed roots.Blonde Brown Balayage HighlightsBlonde Highlights on Dark Hair

You could never imagine that the combination of dark black and blonde streaks would create such a subtle and feminine hair look. Barely-there streaks of gold are professionally placed throughout dark hair. The result is absolutely stunning and wearable hair color that will stay fresh for a while. Undoubtedly with a color like this you will stand out in the crowd.Blonde Highlights on Dark HairBlonde Highlights on Light Brown Hair

If you want to refresh your current hair color, but you don’t know which option to choose from, consider this one. Multitude blonde highlights in different sub-tones create a lovely color combo that is relevant. Note that the darker roots are still visible. By the way if you decide to skip touch ups and grow out your roots you will never have a poorly done dye job.Blonde Highlights on Light Brown HairBlonde Highlighted Bangs

Sometimes you just need to place several blonde streaks throughout your bangs to change your entire look. Have a look at this pixie that got a chic appearance due to several blonde streaks. The best thing about this style is that it doesn’t require huge commitment.Blonde Highlighted Bangs