2018 Balayage Hair Colors For Your Hair

Balayage hair colors are the most requested options in the salons. That’s because it is the most natural-looking hair color technique and more and more hairstylists add the service into their list. If you have doubt about the popularity of this technique, just check up popular celebrities in Hollywood. Generally balayage highlights are being placed on the center and tips of the locks providing the most natural looking-appearance ever. Many hairstylists use it to frame the face. It is possible to combine balayage highlight with traditional ones too. Balayage is for everyone-blondes, brunettes, redheads and etc. Here are 2018 balayage hair colors for you.2018 Balayage Hair Colors For Your HairPlatinum Balayage Hair Color

Want to become an ice princess? This blonde balayage is completely ice princess-worthy. If you have a proper complexion for this look ask your hair colorist for light and beige blonde roots and balayage highlights that are placed in the center and on the tips of the locks for a snowy white tone. The balayage technique provides a mind-blowing and stunning color combo.Platinum Balayage Hair ColorMedium Blonde Balayage Hair Color

This is the blonde perfection from brown and blonde palettes. So what hues you have to combine to get this lovely shade? It is a multidimensional color and it requires blending a mélange of milk and cocoa brown and plus mocha and light cream highlights to achieve the look. These highlights spice up the entire look making is even more delicious and sweet.Medium Blonde Balayage Hair ColorLight Brown Balayage

It is a subtle blend of sandy brown tones and buttery blonde that reminds of those natural tones throughout kids’ hair. The trick of placing these balayage highlights is aim for the spots where the sun hits your hair. This sun-kissed hair color is an excellent option both for brunettes and blondes. Dear brunettes, rock this look without going for huge commitment.Light Brown BalayageDark Brown Balayage

The sweetest shades of brown such as chocolate, caramel and honey also work well when it comes to balayage. These dramatic hues may provide a bold yet ultra feminine look. Ask your hair colorist to blend the shades through balayage technique for a natural-looking appearance. This picture is the best example that you can show your stylist.Dark Brown BalayageGrey Balayage Hair Color

Every self-respected fashion trendsetter has already experimented with grey hair colors. There are numerous ways to apply this shade to your hair, but one of the best ways to do that is to go for balayage color technique. The popular option is when the dark base gradually melts into lighter tones on the mid-lengths and ends. However if you have an inky blue base, the lighter sections can be blue-silver.Grey Balayage Hair ColorRed Balayage Hair Color

Thought balayage is only for blondes and brunettes? Nah! It is for everyone! It is an amazing technique for redheads too. This technique provides the natural-looking dimension that redheads need. The final result is a super subtle and delicate color combo. You can achieve the look by creating a warm auburn or chestnut base and then applying the lighter tones of strawberry and toffee.Red Balayage Hair Color