Emma Stone’s Best Hair Colors

Emma Stone is the most popular redhead in Hollywood. She knows how to wear this lovely shade to make a fashion statement. We have spotted her with blonde hair too. Like any other celebrity she also changes her hair colors and haircuts pretty often. Emma Stone is naturally blonde but she rocks red hair color as if it is her natural shade. Whether you are her fun or not, check up these wonderful hair colors by Emma Stone and find your inspiration for your next hair color makeover.Emma Stone’s Best Hair ColorsStrawberry Blonde Hair Color

If you are trying to find a good hair color for summertime then why not to try this strawberry shade of blonde offered by Hollywood star Emma Stone? It is the best mixture of blonde and red that allows you to experiment with these two shades. If you are not ready to commit between these two shades strawberry blonde is the best option for you.Strawberry Blonde Hair ColorBrunette Hair

Emma Stone has tried plenty of hair colors. She looks amazing with brunette tresses too. Many of her fans would love her to stick with these adorable brunette locks a little bit longer. This Espresso brown hair color brings out her eye color and skin tone. We are waiting to see Emma Stone rocking brunette hair color one more time.Brunette HairDark Chestnut Hair Color

She has worn this extremely dark chestnut hair color at one of the most popular fashion shows. The dark shade of brown makes her look more feminine and sexier. The dark shade gives extra pop to her eyes by adding a dramatic touch to the look. No doubt, it is not a subtle change in her hair color, but it is so striking. It is an excellent option for brunette looking for an update.Dark Chestnut Hair ColorRadiant Redhead

Emma Stone looks absolutely stunning as a redhead. Very few women can find the exact shade of red that looks so natural. She has paired her red hair color with bright red lipstick. If you are brave enough to try a statement hair color, this is the best option to go with. When it comes to styling, simple side sweeping will bring out the beauty of this deep shade.Radiant RedheadCinnamon Spice Hair Color

Emma Stone’s cinnamon spice hair color is the mix of fiery red and lighter warm highlights. This is one of the best looks of Emma Stone that is definitely worth trying. Ask your hair colorist for a cinnamon spice shade of red instead of the usual shade. If you are already a redhead, consider this shade a good update for your current locks.Cinnamon Spice Hair ColorBlonde Lob Haircut

When Emma Stone dyed her hair blonde everyone got surprised but the striking thing about it is that blonde is her natural hair color. A little bit darker roots work well against the blonde shade. This medium-length haircut, paired with bangs is an excellent option to complete your look. If you are not ready to go for bangs, opt for faux bangs.