Best Ways to Wear Rose Gold Hair Color in 2018

There are limitless ways to embrace pink hair. Pink is new black as it has become the most popular trend of the past few years. When it comes to placement, there are numerous techniques to choose from- color melt, grown out roots, peachy highlights under the slice and etc. This feminine shade opens up more choices: rose gold, blorange, peach and so on. In different corners of the world hairstylist pull the look differently although it mainly depends on the creativity and taste of the colorist. Every hair artist sees rose gold differently. Some prefer to go for cooler others for warmer tones. So, here we have highlighted the best ways to wear rose gold hair color in 2018.Best Ways to Wear Rose Gold Hair Color in 2018Peach Balayage

Hair colorists try to find new ways of playing with trendy rose gold shades. This lovely look has been created by one of the most popular colorists of the UK salon. This subtle version of peach balayage is expertly paired with the model’s complexion. Ask your hair colorist for a unique tone of rose gold that flatters your skin tone and can’t be seen on anyone else.Peach BalayageRose Brown Hair Color

In Tokyo the rose gold hair look gets a little bit warmer with a mix of rosy brown tones. The rosy tones take brown hair a notch higher. No doubt, this seamless color blend complements Japanese women’s light skin tone and dark eye color. Balayage is the best technique to blend these two shades seamlessly while creating a well-refined hair color full of with natural appeal.Rose Brown Hair ColorRose Gold Balayage Highlights

This look comes from Canada’s hair salons. No doubt it is irresistible! It is all about a little bit of color that creates a fresh hair look. Well, even without full commitment you can have a perfect rose gold hair color. It is a fantastic option for blondes who want to freshen up their exciting blonde shade. With an effortless look like this you will make a fashion statement.Rose Gold Balayage HighlightsWarm Orange Hair Color

In France hair colorist prefer to go for warmer hues of rose gold. Warm tones flatter almost all skin tones including ultra light, medium and dark. To achieve this superb look, ask your hair colorist to use subtle washes of vibrant pastel colors from root to tip. Take cue from this Instagram beauty blogger and wear the same style.Warm Orange Hair ColorPink Hair Color 

This dreamy pink hair color is delivered by Australian hair colorists. The pink has been applied from top to bottom for all-over pink hair look. This subtle one-tone hair color is known as “rose pastel”. Getting an all-over pink hair color is the first step to a Barbie doll look. Well, it is a huge commitment but it is totally worth trying.Pink Hair Color IdeasRooted Rose Gold Hair Color

Popular salons in Nigeria offer a rose gold hair look like this one. The subtle rose gold is rooted and applied with soft touches. It is a combination of platinum blonde and pink that brightens up dark skin tone while giving it extra pop. Note that the color looks amazing on choppy bob haircut.Rooted Rose Gold Hair Color