Mermaid Hair Color Ideas by Beauty Blogger Nyane Lebajoa

Nyane Lebajoa is a popular beauty blogger and fashion influencer. She has thousands of followers that go crazy for her colorful hair and outfit. Today we have selected the best mermaid hair colors of Nyane Lebajoa using Instagram as an ultimate source of inspiration. We can see her with a new hair color pretty often. She loves to experiment with vibrant and bright shades. Go on reading to find your favorite look by Nyane.Mermaid Hair Color Ideas by Beauty Blogger Nyane LebajoaBlack and Violet Buns

Gorgeous Nyane wears Gothic inspired black and violet hair color. She is an excellent source of inspiration for black-haired ladies who want to experiment with vibrant and bright shades. It is an ombre pattern that requires transitioning from dark brown base to light violet towards the tips. She wears double buns to demonstrate this lovely color combo. A pair of glasses comes in handy to complete the look.Black and Violet BunsCotton Candy Hair

Popular beauty blogger is good enough at pulling off vibrant hair colors. Everyone will admit that this light pink works really with her dark skin tone and dark eye color. It brightens up her skin tone while giving extra pop to her complexion. Makeup helps her accentuate lips and eyes. When it comes to styling, curly updo is what you need to show off your cotton candy hair.Cotton Candy HairPeach Hair Color with Dark Roots

Dark roots create a high contrasting look with peach hair shade. Now you don’t have to worry about revealed roots as they give extra charm to the style. Darker roots balance the entire style creating an ombre-like design. Since rooted hair colors are so popular, you may also try the look taking example from Nyane Lebajoa.Blue Hair Don’t Care

She looks like a mermaid or princes appeared from fairy-tales. Undoubtedly it is a huge commitment but it is worth trying a sophisticated and bright hair color like this one. It is an excellent option for ladies who want to grab lots of attention. If you are not ready to bleach your hair, opt for hair wigs. There is always a way to try a new hair color without damaging your hair White Blonde Hair Color

No wonder she has thousands of followers on Instagram. She is a source of inspiration for ladies who are looking for new hairstyles, hair colors or outfits. She is bold and fearless and that’s just amazing. This white blonde hair color works really well against her dark complexion. She wears it on half up half down hairstyle. Who said dark-skinned women can’t pull off whitish shades of blonde?White Blonde Hair ColorBlorange Hair Color

The combination of blonde and orange compliments a wide array of skin tones. It is the hottest color of the season. If you also want to introduce some warm hues to your look, consider blorange. It is trendy, stylish and ultra feminine. Nyane has paired this warm tone with a little bit darker roots. However the entire look is just impressive.Blorange Hair ColorSilver Queen

Nyane Lebajoa has tried literally any shade of rainbow. All these shades compliment her skin tone and bring out her eye color. She keeps up with the latest trends and shows us how it looks like on her skin tone. If you have the same complexion as this beauty influencer, you can freely adopt any of these hair colors and silver-grey as well.silver hair colorDusty Lavender Hair Color

She looks like a breathing Barbie doll. Dusty lavender is one of her popular hair colors that suit her complexion. If you have grey hair you can ask your hair colorist to add a pop of lavender to your white blonde hair color for a new whole style. It is not a huge commitment for ladies with already blonde hair.dusty Lavender Hair Color