2018 Hair Color Ideas with Rainbow Roots

Wearing a new hair color has never been so fun. The latest rainbow trends prove that too much is never enough. This new trend is all about rainbow roots. As you have already understood the look is pretty bright and beautiful. The rainbow roots that seamlessly blend into your natural hair color create a playful hair look. Another thing that we truly love about this trend is its versatility and subtlety. This trend is already popular on Instagram, now it is your turn to try it and become popular like other beauty bloggers. Here are 2018 hair color ideas with rainbow roots.2018 Hair Color Ideas with Rainbow RootsHow to wear rainbow roots?

The choice of rainbow shades is up to you and you can also choose how much color you want to reveal. The quantity of the shades is based on your current hair color and hairstyle. If you want to show off your vibrant roots opt for updos or braided hairstyles. The rainbow hues will give an extra pop to any hairstyle and make everyone wow. However if you don’t feel like wearing too much vibrant shades simply leave your hair down and show less of color.  

blonde hair color with rainbow roots

bown hair color with rainbow roots

bown hair color with rainbow roots

How to get rainbow roots?  

It is an easy style to get by your own, but it would be better to consult a professional hair colorist. Getting the color at salon will be beneficial and last longer. However, you should put extra effort to create a right combination of colors. Want to get rid of grey roots? Well, rainbow roots are an excellent alternative plus it is a way to add vibrant colors to your look. It is possible to get the rainbow root look when the base is as light as possible consequently your hair colorist will want to bleach your roots.

bob haircut with rainbow roots

bob haircut with rainbow roots

Choose the Right Colors

There are so many fun colors to choose from. Bright hair colors suit everyone but there are certain color combinations that are more effective. If you have dark or silver hair, consider adding blues and purples. Peach tones and pastels complement blonde or light hair. Shocking contrast is totally acceptable. Rainbow roots look absolutely stunning on short or cropped hair.

rainbow hair color

rainbow hair color

How to Maintain Rainbow Roots

Perhaps maintenance is the most important thing to consider. If you take proper care, the color will last longer with less damage. First of all ask your hair colorist for qualified hair shampoos and conditioners. After dyeing your locks in rainbow shades, deep conditioning is the best way to prevent locks from damaging. Keep in your mind that heat is not good for colored-tresses as it causes the color to fade while cool water keeps it locked in. If you are ready for bold looks, after several months you will go for a full rainbow or geode head of hair.

pastel hair color

ixie haircut with rainbow roots