Lovely Hair Color Ideas to Rock Right Now

Want to change up something in you? Well, start from your hair. Due to innovative hair color techniques day by day it is becoming easier to change one’s hair color. Thanks to new hair products and techniques you can easily prevent breakage and repair damage. Embracing a new hair color has never been so easier and safer. Whether you are up for something heavily different or you just want to refresh your current hair color, check out the trendiest hair colors below. According to hair colorists these shades are pretty much requested at hair salons.Lovely Hair Color Ideas to Rock Right NowTiger Eye Hair Color

Everyone will confirm that tiger eye is the hottest trend of the season. It features rich honey caramel and mocha tones. It is the best option for brunettes because the balayage highlights are being placed in a rich chocolate base to make the look elegant and flattering. It requires minimal maintenance as the most of the color is applied in the middle and ends of the hair.Balayage and Babylights

There was a period of time when women freaked out because of this much darkness at the roots. But now they are ready to pay more just to have shadow root look. The key to this look is the blending- the darker color should be feathered into the lighter shade to avoid harsh lines. Babylights make the look fuller.Balayage and BabylightsIcy Blonde Hair Color

It is an icy blonde shade that is commitment for sure as you will have to keep your hair healthy with lots of deep conditioning treatments. Apart from this, you will also need to visit your stylist every three to four week for touch-ups. But undoubtedly it is worth trying this frozen blonde as it will boost your confidence.Icy Blonde Hair ColorMocha Balayage Hair Color

Go ahead with a sophisticated shade of neutral brown roots melting into mocha highlights with violet undertones. The look is still super natural but you can keep your color last longer by using conditioners and shampoos for color-treated hair. It will make this mocha highlights remain clean. Enhance your hair color with a cool shade like this.Mocha Balayage Hair ColorBlue Hair Color

Combining naturally dark hair with blue shade is a daring way to do something different with your tresses. If your goal is a head-turning and eye-catching style, try these two bright shades. Apply dark brown on the top and pastel blue on the bottom. You can try other pastel shades as well. The choice is up to you.Blue Hair ColorBlorange Hair Color

Here is another warm shade that grabs lots of attention. Blorange, the combination of orange and blonde can range from yellowy to the red orange colors. Undoubtedly all these tones are spring-worthy that many women will find flattering for their skin tone. If you are a brunette, you will have to lighten you locks before applying the shades this shade. For this reason blorange is an excellent option for blondes.Blorange Hair Color