Different Shades of Brown Hair Color for 2018

Brown is a simple word for numerous shades of brunette hair colors. When it comes to brown hair, there are various shades that you haven’t worn yet. Most popular sub-tones of brown are honey, chestnut chocolate, golden, mahogany and etc. No doubt, these shades are breathtaking but there are many other brunette shades that you would love to experiment with. In order to help you I have selected different shades of brown hair colors for 2018. Keep on reading to find a unique shade of brown for your next hair color makeover. If you are ready, let’s start.Different Shades of Brown Hair Color for 2018Cocoa Hair Color

You are looking for a unique shade of brown? Well, try out cocoa hair color! It is a cool brown that compliments light skin complexion with light blue or green eyes. Cocoa brown is somewhere in between ash and warm tones. Actually your hair colorist can get this lovely shade by adding some warm creamy hues to blonde balayage highlights. Anyone with natural light or medium brown hair can try it.Cocoa Hair ColorCinnamon Brown Hair Color

Here is another rich shade of brown that is definitely worth to give a try. Cinnamon brown is an eye-catching hue that compliments a wide array of skin tones including warm, fair, medium and natural. Cinnamon brown gives an extra pop to green, brown and hazel eyes. Use this color to your own benefit and bring out your complexion.Cinnamon Brown Hair ColorMilk Chocolate Hair Color

Milk chocolate hair color is a gorgeous medium brown shade that flatters numerous skin tones including light, medium and cool. It also brings out green and brown eyes. However it is important to know how to use this shade correctly in order to create a mind-blowing color combo. Ask your hair colorist to enhance it with sandy brown or sandy blonde highlights.Milk Chocolate Hair ColorCola Hair Color

Like the name suggests it has the tone of our favorite beverage. Cola is a pretty dark shade with a hint of golden red. You can go for this sophisticated hue if you have fair, medium or olive skin complexion and brown eyes. It will be better to consult with your hair colorist before committing, so that you will not have a washed out look.Cola Hair ColorCappuccino Brown Hair Color

Cappuccino also looks like our favorite beverage. How can you achieve an excellent cappuccino brown shade?  This shade comes from mixing rich coffee brown with pale milk or cream. Cappuccino brown works on women with different complexions and it perfectly brings out warm brown and green eyes.Cappuccino Brown Hair ColorCaramel Brown Hair Color

Many celebrities have already spotted with caramel brown hair color. Caramel is being used as highlights for dark brown hair. Caramel hair hue can be adopted by women with olive skin tone and dark brown eyes. It is a lovely shade for women with dark or medium brown hair.Caramel Brown Hair ColorChestnut Brown Hair Color

Chestnut is a rich and deep reddish brown shade that looks wonderful on most complexions, except yellow skin tones. It is a fantastic hair color choice for people with warm or green eyes. Chestnut can be adopted by brunettes who love to experiment with darker shades of brown. It is a low-maintenance look that will cut your time at hair salons.Golden Bronze Hair Color

Brown hair color is super versatile and a luxurious golden bronze hair color is just one of it. Golden bronze hair color comes from the blend of golden and red tones that looks exceptionally gorgeous on warm skin tones. We highly recommend avoiding this tone if you have cool complexion as it will make you look too orangey.Golden Bronze Hair Color