2018 Hidden Hair Colors You Can Wear Everywhere

There are millions of ways to make a bold statement. If your look doesn’t make you feel confident enough, you should definitely change it. How can you change it? Well, the first thing you need to consider is your hairstyle. A new haircut or hair color will radically change your look. If you are not ready to chop off your hair or you are scared to make a full commitment to a certain color or look well, try one of these hidden hair colors for 2018. This technique of applying colors allows you to keep your traditional hair color while having that pop of fun.2018 Hidden Hair Colors You Can Wear EverywherePastel Perfection 

With numerous hair shades you will never get bored. Rainbow hues are applied underneath of brown hair for a hidden effect. Style your locks in a half up half down style to show off the vibrant pastel hues. Whenever you don’t feel like wearing pastels, untie your hair and your traditional hair color is back again.pastel hair colorVibrant Red Hair Color

You may try out several pastel hues or keep it simple with a single shade. The pop of red is sure to catch everyone’s attention. It is flirty and eye-catching all at once! And it is an easy style to achieve. You just need to divide your locks into half part and dye the section of your hair red. Introduce a pop of color into your style for a more impressive look.Vibrant Red Hair ColorPastel Green Streaks

The green against the black is the perfect combination to bring out your inner bold side. Well, the contrast between these shades is going to set you apart from the others. But let’s not forget that you can conceal the green whenever you don’t want it to be seen. This color combo is stunning particularly when paired with a simple bun hairstyle.pastel green streaksPeek-a-Boo Red Highlights

You are truly lucky if you are blessed with long and thick hair. Any color will look great under it but red truly stands out and yet remains hidden quiet perfectly. No doubt the look is pretty bold! It is possible to make it even more vivid with a half up half down style or any other updo design. Hidden hair colors are all about contrasting hues that are so adorable.Peek-a-Boo Red HighlightsGorgeous Color Blend

This stunning curly hair has rainbow colors through that make the design stand out. If you think there is a color missing, you should definitely take a second glance. The rainbow hues are applied to brown hair. The contrasting hues create a unique look that is simply irresistible. If you are not ready to go for permanent dye job, opt for hair chalks.Gorgeous Color BlendBlonde and Violet

Hidden pops of colors accessorize blonde hair while breathing new life to it. The violet works really well against the blonde. This style looks good on medium-length hair too. However the hidden highlights will be more visible with updo hairstyles. This hidden color combo is an excellent option for ladies who are looking for something bold.Blonde and Violet