2018 Hair Colors for Your Next Appointment

Ombre, colombre, balayage? There are so many hair color terms that is so hard to figure out. Well, no one expects you to be a professional but before wearing a new hair color it is important to know a little bit about the effect provided by each of these techniques. Here are 2018 hair colors you would love to know before your next appointment. Today you are going to know the difference between highlights and lowlights and discover some cool hair colors that will brighten up your entire look. If you are ready let’s start!2018 Hair Colors for Your Next AppointmentSingle-Process Color

To get this lovely hair color, you will need to ask your hair colorist for an all over shade update. As you can see the strands have just one tone from scalp to ends. Well, it is also referred to as a base color. Single-process is a perfect option to cover your gray hair. Just try the platinum blonde without highlights or lowlights and you will definitely love it.Single Process ColorDouble Process Color

A double-color process is all about a base color and highlights. It is a bit time-consuming process that requires making appointment beforehand. Double-process has a bad reputation but if it is done professionally it will never be damaging for hair. In this case you should make sure that your hair colorist is skillful enough to recreate the look for you.Double Process ColorBabylights

Babylights are also a hot trend that you should definitely give a try. They are being placed around the hairline and on the part. Babylights are fantastic particularly for fine hair. The technique is all about taking really small pieces- the half of traditional highlights. Babylights are delicate and subtle and they don’t go deeper.Babylights

Bronde Hair Color

With bronde hair no one will guess whether you are a brunette or blonde. For this reason the colorists created a bronde term. Bronde hair trend is all about taking a woman with brunette or blonde locks and adding a layer of highlights. It is a chic trend that will never leave hair industry because many celebrities are totally in love with it.Bronde Hair ColorBalayage Hair Color

Balayage adds subtle and natural-looking highlights through the locks. Well, balayage highlights are known to be more natural than the foil highlights although the colorist deny it by saying that if the colorist is being heavy handed, someone may end up even with chunky highlights. However it is difficult to find a difference between a good balayage and foilyage.Balayage Hair ColorLowlights

Lowlights are the opposite of highlights. The darker pieces of hair are being placed around the neck and underneath the layers. Lowlights create a contrasting look that is an excellent idea for ladies that love to look bold. Lowlights can be paired with highlights as well. If you are trying to avoid solid hair colors, lowlights are what you are looking for. Lowlights also can be two tones darker than your natural hair color.