2018 Best Hair Colors for Your Skin Tone

Most of females fear to go for a new hair color because of not being sure about their skin tone. Well, while choosing a new hair color, skin tone is the most important thing to consider. Instead of choosing the shade randomly, consult with your hair colorist to reduce the risk of having a washed out look. Whether you want to go for a totally new hair color transformation or you just want to update your current hair color, have a look at these 2018 hair colors for different skin tones. It will be your victory, if you discover the right tone for your tresses.2018 Best Hair Colors for Your Skin ToneHoney Hair Color

If you are looking for a rich hair shade, consider honey hue for your warm complexion. Be that honey brown or honey blonde, it will enhance the warmth of your complexion and provide so desired dimension and depth. Honey hair color makes an excellent option for warm seasons of the year. Boost your confidence with a rich hair color such as honey blonde or honey brown.2018 Best Hair Colors for Your Skin ToneButterscotch Hair Color

In case if you have medium or warm complexion, you should experiment with butterscotch hair color. This shade is somewhere in between dark and bright shades. Butterscotch blonde will make your eyes pop while giving color to your face. When it comes to your hairstyle, you can pair it either with beach waves or stick straight tresses.Butterscotch Hair ColorMedium Auburn Hair Color

Reddish hues are so trendy nowadays. Every redhead has already managed to experiment with the auburn hue of red. Auburn itself is super versatile but if you are looking for the best hair color for your fair to medium complexion, go for the medium auburn shade. To avoid contrasting look, make your brows in the copper shade as well.Medium Auburn Hair ColorReddish Blonde Hair Color

Reddish blonde has much in common with strawberry blonde color. It looks absolutely stunning on women with warm complexions. It will be better to match this hue with light eyes. The combination of red and blonde can be adopted by other women as well. The most important thing is to find the exact hue for your skin tone and eye color.Reddish Blonde Hair ColorDark Golden Brown Hair Color

Dark brown is the most natural hue that anyone may opt for. It compliments dark and olive skin tones although everyone can experiment with this natural hue. The majority part of population has dark brown hair color. It can be the best shade to update your current hair color.Dark Golden Brown Hair ColorChocolate Brown Hair Color

If you are an olive-skinned woman we highly recommend dyeing your tresses in chocolate brown. However if you have a medium complexion and chestnut eyes, you can still experiment with this splendid hair tone. It is also as natural as other tones of brown.Chocolate Brown Hair Color