Instagram-Approved Pink Hair Highlights for 2018

Pink hair color is always in style as it is one of the most feminine shades ever. However not everyone is ready to color their hair in this shade, instead they can opt for pink hair extensions or temporary hair chalks. Pink highlights look pretty delicate on blonde tresses. The pink streaks add extra dimension to the platinum locks, while purplish and red streaks make a wonderful option for brunettes. In case if you are planning to wear pink highlights, consider these Instagram-approved pink hair highlights for 2018.   Pink Hair Highlights for 2018Pink Highlights on Tips

If you are not ready to pull off a bold hair color such as pink, you may apply the shade only to the tips of your locks. Purple streaks will make you enjoy your fresh hair color. When you apply the color only on the tips of your locks, you don’t have to consider the maintenance too much. However you can start with hair chalks and go ahead with permanent hair colors.Pink Highlights on TipsPink Highlights for Brown Hair

Looking for adding an eye-catching vibe to your brown tresses? Here is how you can do that. Ask your hairstylist to add pink highlights that start from your chin and go down to your hair tips creating an effective look. The pink highlights will add a soft and feminine touch to your dark locks. Take your look to a top notch with these vibrant streaks.Pink Highlights for Brown HairPink Highlights for Blonde Hair

This is another amazing idea of pink hair highlights taken from Instagram. The look is all about embellishing your platinum tresses with pink streaks. It will not only brighten up your entire look but also give a color to your face. It is a no-maintenance look for blondes since they skip the bleaching part. Finish the style with simple beach waves for a better look.Pink Highlights for Blonde HairPeek-a-Boo Pink Highlights

Surpassingly pink hair highlights work well with numerous hair colors regardless of lightness and darkness. Place some peek-a-boo pink highlights here and there for a striking look. It is perhaps the easiest way to experiment with pink highlights. Take this gorgeous Instagram user as a source of inspiration and rock the same style.Peek-a-Boo Pink HighlightsPastel Pink Streaks

Cotton candy hair is still in demand. If you have always been obsessed with this trend, now it is the best moment to try it out. Well, it is not necessary to go all over pink to enjoy the trend you will definitely have the same feelings with pastel pink streaks as well. However, pastel pink highlights look absolutely stunning on blonde hair color.Pastel Pink StreaksVibrant Pink Highlights

The chic hair dye in a pastel shade provides a striking look when paired with a right hairstyle. Disheveled waves or a simple ponytail may bring out the beauty of the pink streaks. Don’t forget to pair your pink highlights with subtle makeup. Instagram is full of makeup tutorials that will definitely help you.Vibrant Pink Highlights