Runway- Ready Hair Colors for 2018

The latest beauty trends are all about the rebirth and revival of color and that involves hair color too. We always associate runway trends with bold and vibrant looks, but it is not necessary to go for neon or pastel shades to have a trendy look. Lots of fashion houses suggest natural-looking hair colors and makeup art. Fashion changes hour by hour but some trends never leave this industry. Keep in your mind that solid black and blonde hair colors are always in style. Get your ultimate inspiration from these runway-ready hair colors for 2018. Be a step forward from your friends!Runway Ready Hair Colors for 2018Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde is ‘the color” for all seasons of the year. This is a rich hue that can be one of the best options to add some volume and dimension to your look. However this color works only for certain skin tones. Make sure that your complexions are great for this color. Remember that it is one of the trendiest hair colors that have been spotted on runways shows.Strawberry BlondeDeep Dark Chocolate Brown

Whether you are a brunette and you went to update your current hair color or you are a blonde and want to know how it feels like to be a brunette, this lovely deep chocolate hair color is the best idea for you. Dark chocolate brown shade works for numerous skin tones. It is a low-maintenance color that doesn’t require special care.Deep Dark Chocolate BrownOrange Red Hair Color

Orangey hues are totally in mainstream. The mix of blonde and orange is still the most requested shade at hair salons but orange and red combination is also in demand. Well, no wonder this stunning hair color is what you need to brighten up your entire look by adding an edgy twist to it. It is an inspiring hair color for all redhead ladies out there.Orange Red Hair ColorSwedish Blonde Hair Color

Well, this Swedish blonde may not be the best color for all skin tones but it is simply irresistible. So, in case if you want to give it a try, consult with your hair colorist. The thing that we love about this shade is the gray undertones that give an elegant touch to the look. In case if you are wearing a dark hair color currently, Swedish blonde may require lots of bleaching.Swedish Blonde Hair Color 2018Ashy Black Hair Color

Ashy gray is a little bit smoky hue and the best thing is that is works great with almost all skin tones. But there is an important thing to consider is that you should have a clean face to pull off this look because the smoky hues may bring out the flaws of your skin tone. Be attentive while playing with this shade otherwise you may ruin your look.Ashy Black Hair ColorSilvery White Hair Color

Considering the fact that gray or “granny hair” are totally in mainstream, it would be better to try out a new modern approach of the look. So here is the best suggestion. The combination of white blonde and silver tones goes really well together creating a mind-blowing style.Silver White Hair Color