Matte Hair Color Ideas

Spring is about to end, which means it is the right moment to pick a right hair color. Summer doesn’t mean you must go for bright shades if you don’t want to. Natural hair colors are still in mainstream and you can wear them in any season of the year. Today’s post is also about natural hair color. Have you ever heard about matte lips or nails? Well, now we are going to embrace matte hair colors. Actually what is matte? It is a color out of the shine. This trend came to prove that a hair color can have a cool look even without shine or gloss. Go on reading to see the best ideas that I have selected for you.Matte Hair Color IdeasMatte Ash Hair Color

First step to get this color is to bleach your current hair color. It is probably the most important step to strip off the hair pigment to achieve the ash tone you want. This tone of ash will be a perfect for those who are comfortable with blonde. By the way you can choose either the deep version of the color or go lighter. Note that ash matte hair color doesn’t require adding highlights.Matte Ash Hair ColorMatte Brown Hair Color

Natural looking hair colors are still fascinating, and we all love them. Matte brown is just one of them that narrows your face and brings out the beauty of your skin tone. If you are tired of those bright and vibrant hair colors we strongly recommend matt brown that tones down. With matte brown hair color you will never go wrong.Matte Brown Hair ColorMatte Blonde Hair

It is a rehashing hair look that is easy to create. The locks are rugged undone texture to create matte hair that kind of looked like she pushed it of her face. For an updo style like this you will need to curl your locks before turning them to a nonchalant updo style. The matt blonde shade comes in handy to create a full look.matte brown hair colorMatte Dark Gray

What about this style? It is simply amazing due to the color and the cut. It is an excellent option for brunettes who want to experiment with “granny hair” trend but they are not ready to go for lighter shade. The matte color has been paired with a lovely blunt haircut that takes the whole look a notch higher. Just try it out and get ready for lots of compliments.matte dark gray hair colorMatte Ash Green Hair Color

This matte ash green hair color is possible to get without long bleaching sessions. It is probably the colorist part because you will not damage your locks. However after getting the color feel free to ask your hair colorist for treatments for colored hair. Keep in your mind that conditioners and sulfate-free shampoos are must.Matte Ash Green Hair ColorWild Matte Hair

The thing that we all love about matte hair is that it looks pretty natural. No shine, no gloss but still cool! This lovely model demonstrates a nonchalant and unkempt look that features a deep brown color and messy styling. Lazy ladies, this style can be your next “bedhead” look. Isn’t it cool?Wild Matte Hair