Purple Brown Hair Colors for 2018

Purple brown hair color is neither too natural nor too unconventional. Redheads and brunettes love to pull off this noble hue, in order to appear brighter and cooler. Blondes may get inspired from this lovely combination too. Whether you decide to combine burgundy, maroon or any other shade with your brown hair, here you will find the best purple brown hair colors for 2018. The greatest thing about this color combo is that brunettes also can have fun with pastel and bright shades. Let’s hope you will find your favorite look between these models.Purple Brown Hair Colors for 2018Dark Brown with Purple Highlights

Don’t touch those natural roots since they may create a lovely contrast with purple highlights. In this style the purple highlights that start from the mid part of the locks have been achieved using balayage technique. The look is pretty natural but we can still see where the purple highlights start and finish. Careless waves expertly bring out the beauty of highlights.Dark Brown with Purple HighlightsColor-Melted Purple Brown Hair

The technique that you use to apply the shades is crucial. There are numerous techniques that provide a different yet sexy look. To achieve this style, go for a color-melted technique. It will blend the colors seamlessly creating a natural and ultra-feminine look. With color-melted hair it is hard to understand where the color begins and finishes.Color-Melted Purple Brown HairChunky Hair Highlights

Want to have all the fun that purple color may provide? Well, this look is definitely for you. It is all about bright purple streaks placed throughout your locks. The contrast between purple and brown shades is pretty vivid. Give your locks a right crop to display chunky highlights. With a color like this you can express your feelings and emotions.Chunky Hair HighlightsDeep Purple Hair Color

Almost all deep purple colors are close to natural-looking hair particularly when paired with dark brown base. Try a hair color that uses a subtle purple tinge that is not so noticeable until you stand under the sun. The sparkles of your locks will definitely stun everyone close to you.   Deep Purple Hair ColorPeek-a-Boo Purple Highlights

In case if you have a medium-brown or light brown hair color, consider bright purple peek-a-boo highlights placed here and there. These lovely streaks will enhance your hair while brightening up your look. No, doubt, purple peek-a-boo highlights will provide you a bold and edgy look.Peek-a-Boo Purple HighlightsDeep Violet Highlights

If you have already had purple brown hair but you want to enhance it with jewel-toned highlights. They will not only update your hair color but also give a whole new meaning to multi-tone hair colors. These highlights look absolutely gorgeous on ultra-long hair.Violet HighlightsPurple Tips

You don’t have to dye your locks all over purple to enjoy the color. Due to the modern techniques, you can have fun without full commitment. Take some steps to get purple hair by dying only the front and the tips of your locks. It is an excellent option for beginners but it is still a bold look that will definitely make you stand out in the crowd.violet dark brown hairCurls with Dark Purple Highlights

This dark purple shade will add some dimension and depth to your locks. With this hair color you can achieve your imaginary bold look. Spice up your reddish brown hair with a hint of purple for an extravagant and unique style. It is a bright color combo that requires a little bit upkeep.Curls with Dark Purple Highlights