New Ideas for Copper Hair Color in 2018

2018 copper hair color ideas are very special and eye-grabbing compared with blondes and browns. The copper hair color offers a wide range of tones. However finding the exact shade of copper can be a pretty tough job because when you select a hue randomly you may end up with a dull and “cheap” look. There is a hue of copper for every skin tone, so that’s why we highly recommend consulting with your colorist before going for a full commitment. Have a look at these pictures and embrace your favorite idea.New Ideas for Copper Hair Color in 2018Copper Brown Sombre

It is a modern take on copper hair. The subtle transition of the colors creates a flawless look. The dark brown roots melt into light shade of copper towards the tips. It is an excellent option for ladies with bob or lob haircut. However, there is something irresistible about loose waves as well. They expertly show off every hint of copper brown hair color.Copper Brown SombreFestival Copper Hair

You are looking for a fun hair color for upcoming festivals? Here we have included a unique hair shade for you. It features aqua blue, copper and peach tones that are paired with dark roots. Double braids have been created to give a festive feel to the style. Well, it is a high maintenance style, but instead of permanent hair colors you can use hair chalks.Festival Copper HairBright Copper Hair Color

Love this stunning copper shade. This look is for ladies who are ready to pull of bright and vibrant shades. The sheen of the locks is just irresistible. However it features lighter base that gets darker towards the tips. Finish the look with brushed out curls that show off the beauty of the bright copper hair color.Bright Copper Hair ColorEclipting Copper Hair Color

Well, this particular look has been achieved using eclipting hair color technique. Like many other techniques, this one is also meant to enhance your face features with the help of hair color. Ask your colorist to enhance your features with a copper hair color achieved through eclipting technique. The final result is going to be simply amazing.Eclipting Copper Hair ColorLong Copper Hair

Olive skin tones look really amazing with warm copper hues because they perfectly bring out the gold and yellow undertones. Find out whether you have olive skin tone and don’t think twice before adopting this look. The best way to figure out your complexion is to look at the veins in your wrist.Long Copper HairCopper Highlights

You think it is the best moment to go for changes? Well, in that case spice up your brown hair with copper highlights. When coppers and browns meet the final result happens to be a surprisingly striking shade that is a real accessory for long or short hair. When it comes to styling, keep it messy and unkempt for a modern twist.Copper HighlightsRed Copper Waves

It is almost a true red hair color. It is a mix of vibrant copper and orange shades. This shade of red looks good both with waves and stick straight hair. However these natural-looking curls are pretty charming. To get the style, apply some hair mousse to your palms and play with your locks. Blow dry, and you are ready to rock.Red Copper WavesBronze Copper Hair Color

If you love solid hair colors, then this copper with a hint of bronze is definitely for you. The lovely look comes from a natural-looking copper hues used as an all over color. Give your hair some life with a rich hair color like this and enhance the movement throughout your locks. Bronze Copper Hair Color 2018