Fascinating Hair Color Ideas for 2018

Thinking of a new hair color? Here are the best hair color ideas for 2018. It goes without saying that a new year brings a wide array of shades but the best ones never leave. The color trends you are going to see have always been popular. Hair colorists love to spice up these trends with a modern twist and enhance the entire look of their clients. Whether you prefer balayage, eclipting or ecaille, you may find your next hair color inspiration right among these models. Let’s move on to see what we have prepared.Fascinating Hair Color Ideas for 2018Eclipting Hair Color

Eclipting is the same contouring but for hair. Well, this technique requires placing some darker streaks around your face to make the cheeks slimmer. Everyone can use this technique to enhance their face features. Just to remind you, I will add that the technique has been popularized by Aveda Company but now it is used in numerous salons all over the world. This technique can dramatically enhance your appearance.Eclipting Hair ColorTiger Eye Hair Color

Tiger eye hair color is one of the hottest trends of the season. It is all about incorporating honey, amber and soft brown highlight using balayage technique. The Instagram is literally flooded with tiger eye hair look. Not only beauty bloggers but also popular celebrities are totally in love with this trend. Dear brunettes, if you haven’t tried this trend yet, it is the highest moment to experiment with it.Tiger Eye Hair ColorEcaille Hair Color

If you are looking for a different technique to apply the color to your hair, consider ecaille. It is definitely going to be on point in 2018 as well. It is a freehand method that is similar to balayage. However ecaille doesn’t require using the lightener. You will never confuse ombre, balayage or ecaille because each of this technique has a different effect on the hair.Ecaille Hair ColorPastel Hair Color

Pastel hair colors are so attractive-be that lavender, peach or mint, the pastel hues continue to be ultra popular. These colors will always provide a soft and cute look. Pastels are extremely versatile. They can be combined with numerous other stunning shades as well. Brunettes will want to bleach their locks for the best effect, although there are rainbow trends for brunettes too.Pastel Hair ColorJewel-Toned Hair Color

Jewel-toned hair colors are as popular as pastels. This trend came to prove that dark rainbow tones can make their way into the spotlight as well. Brunettes will definitely love jewel-toned hair colors. These dark rainbow tones flatter almost all skin tones, so everyone can rock the look. Below we have a sample of jewel-toned hair color.Jewel-Toned Hair ColorsBlorange Hair Color

Blorange is another fascinating trend that is a mix or orange and blonde tones. If you are still obsessed with rose gold hair color, then you will definitely love blorange too. It is the best way to add some warmth to your look with peachy tones. Surprisingly this trend compliments numerous skin tones. Take this picture with you and show it to your colorist.Blorange Hair Color