Cute Galaxy Hair Color Ideas

Over the few seasons we have managed to see lots of colorful hair trends- rainbow hair, granny hair, pastel hair and etc. But this trend is all about galaxy hair colors. Galaxy shades always guarantee a bold and stunning look. It is a multi-tonal hair color that consists of purples, greens blues and sometimes even reds. This look is popular particularly among ladies in their early 20s although young moms also have been spotted with galaxy hair. However this trend is for everyone who is looking for a bold and edgy look. It is a time consuming and high-maintenance look that is worth to pull off. Go on reading to see best galaxy hair color looks.Cute Galaxy Hair Color IdeasGrown out Galaxy Hair

It is impossible not to love this galaxy hair that incorporates some patterns of lived-in-color trend. In this particular style the pink roots transition into blue and green shades creating a lovely color combo. This stunning style will definitely help you boost your confidence and create a cute headdress that mimics our galaxy.galaxy hairHalf Updo and Galaxy Hair

If you are getting ready for music festival and you don’t know what hair color to wear, consider this particular style. It requires creating double buns at the top of the head and leaving the rest of strands down. This style will not only bring out your galaxy hair color but also make you stand out in the crowd.Half Updo and Galaxy HairCosmic Hair Highlights

This galaxy hair color requires placing some green, pink and purple hair highlights throughout brunette locks. However you will still want to bleach your locks to apply the shades. It is an excellent idea for ladies who are not ready for full commitment. Give your locks some waves and create double braids to display your galaxy hair.Cosmic Hair HighlightsJewel-Toned Hair Color

Here is another lovely way to experiment with galaxy hair trend. This jewel-toned hair color is totally in range. It is a mix of purples and smoky silvers. The color is not so bright but you will still need to have ultra-light locks to apply the shades. However these tones look cool on long locks, but women with medium-length hair also can wear.Jewel-Toned Hair ColorBright Galaxy Hair

These hand-painted highlights create a gorgeous galaxy hair look. Ask your colorist to use hand-painting technique for the best effect. The bright shades pop up and give a feminine touch to this medium-length hair. Combine these shades with a right haircut to create a modern look.   Bright Galaxy HairTeal and Violet Hair Color

These cascading shades of teal and violet will make anyone to call her stylist. Expertly applied shades create a winning headdress. Due to the structural waves, colors pop up and make the wearer stand out. Anyone with a style like this will make a fashion statement.Teal and Violet Hair Color