Delicious Macaroon Hair Color Ideas

Hair trends come and go but the best ones stay. Today we are going to discuss macaroon hair colors that are not only bold but also chic and fun. Behind this lovely trend stands Shelley Gregory that has created her own style and named it “candy unicorn hair”, the other colorists draw their inspiration from the macaroon party. Lots of girls are in love with this palette so, if you are also fond of bright and vibrant pastels, check out these macaroon hair colors that I have selected using Instagram as an ultimate source of inspiration. Macaroon Hair Color IdeasLovely Pastel Hair Color

Summer is close so we can finally post the best pastel hair colors ever. This multicolored look has been achieved by lifting the locks to the lightest level and then applying mint as an all over color. Then numerous vibrant highlights have been added to spice up the look. A braided updo makes a cool option to bring out the vibrancy and beauty of color combo. Well, it is a high maintenance look that requires lots of pastel hair colorRebellious Unicorn Hair

The best thing is that you can adopt this trend and personalize it to your own taste. Here is another look that is no less chic than the previous one. Your colorist will need to place some blue, green and purple highlights to achieve this look. Enhance your natural curly texture with a color like this.unicorn hair Rainbow Hair Color

This is the cutest unicorn hair that is possible to see. With a chic color like this you can easily express your inner self. Long hair makes a great canvas for displaying the rainbow shades. However it is not an easy look to copy. Before adopting this look, consult with your colorist to know whether you are ready for commitment or not.Rainbow Hair ColorPrismatic Unicorn Hair

Unicorn hair, don’t care. If you have a blonde hair color, you don’t have to put lots of effort to achieve this look- at least damaging hair bleach is not necessary. The bright and vibrant green, red and grey hues highlight the entire look, creating an eye-catching style. In this case it is important to choose tones that work well together.  Prismatic Unicorn HairRainbow Updo

If you are not ready for a full commitment there is another solution for you, consider going for temporary hair color. Use hair chalks to create a lovely look like this. But colors achieved by hair chalks can easily wash out. However you can start with hair chalks and finish with permanent dye job.Rainbow UpdoMermaid Hair Color

Here is another option that allows you to channel your inner mermaid. Expertly matched tones create a mermaid like look. With this unicorn hair you will not only boost your confidence but also stand out in the crowd. Use hair accessory to make your locks even more impressive.Mermaid Hair Color