Top 10 Light Blonde Hair Colors for 2018

Light blonde hair color comes in a variety of different shade and this fact makes it even more wearable. The common shades of light blonde include California blonde, icy blonde, white blonde, buttery blonde and etc. Since light blonde hair colors complement almost all skin tones, choosing a right shade is not something difficult. The best thing is that with light blonde you can still inject some darker tones for extra depth and dimension. Here I have selected the best light blonde hair colors for 2018 to show off how versatile light blonde hair color can be.Light Blonde Hair Colors for 2018Silky White Blonde Lob

With white blonde hues you can create an airy look to bring out your natural glow. This incredible lob haircut is given some movement and texture using subtle beach waves. The ultra-light white hair color works well on fair skin tone when paired with the delicate flawless texture of a lob haircut. The final result is an angelic look that is worth to pull off and grab attention.Silky White Blonde Lob for 2018Smoky Blonde Hair Color

With this no less common shade of light blonde, you can never for wrong. The smoky effect has been achieved by infusing some gray hues to platinum blonde locks. For a more natural touch, consider applying the shades using balayage technique. It will blend the gray tone superbly with platinum hair. Make sure that the color combo works for your skin tone.Smoky Blonde Hair Color for 2018Smooth Platinum Blonde Hair

A straight-haired style may seem boring and plain without a good color to breathe some life to it. The smooth straight-haired look takes on a delicious platinum blonde hue which saves the look from appearing dull. It is a high-maintenance look that is totally worth your time, money and effort.Smooth Platinum Blonde Hair for 2018Light Blonde Hair with Balayage Highlights

This superb look is a striking combination of curly and straight texture created on stunning light blonde hair. The shadowy roots make it easier to emphasize the delicacy of light blonde hair color. You can recreate this look using girls’ favorite balayage technique.Light Blonde Hair with Balayage HighlightsCalifornia Blonde Hair Color

The California blonde hair color may jazz up your entire look. This stunning shade of light blonde can be suited to numerous skin tones. The color works really well on curly texture. This subtle tone of blonde will definitely make you stand out in the crowd.California Blonde Hair Color for 2018Platinum Lob with a Hint of Yellow

Lighter shades of blonde make a perfect canvas for introducing some other shades to the look too. Well, some females prefer to have the platinum shade done with a hint of yellow, while others love to keep it snow white. The yellow tones soften the glow of platinum hair color making it even better. Ask your colorist to place some baby lights around your face.Platinum Lob with a Hint of YellowSandy Blonde Hair Color

What about this light shade of blonde? It also guarantees a radiant and superbly multi-dimensional look. The colorist added some depth and dimension to the style with more natural tones. The color is achieved on stick straight hair that has a blunt cut.Sandy Blonde Hair Color for 2018Coconut Blonde

A combination of highlights gives this lovely wavy bob some movement. This natural shade of light blonde features some coconut blonde streaks that enhance the entire look. You can even throw in some darker ribbons for a modern look.Coconut Blonde for 2018Icy Blonde Bob

Whether you believe or not but icy blonde hue flatters numerous skin tones. Apart from this silky combination, the color can be pared with other tones as well. A platinum blonde bob with blunt bangs may provide a lovely and delicate finish.Icy Blonde Bob for 2018Blonde Balayage Hair Color

Instead of a single tone, you can give your locks a smoothing color transition. It is a unique look that has been achieved by blending icy and ashy hues of blonde through balayage technique. Darker shades make an incredible option for adding extra depth and dimension to the style. Enhance your look using this stunning color combination.Blonde Balayage Hair Color for 2018