Half and Half Hair Colors to Try Now

Half and half or split-dye job is a colorful hair trend that will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. Let’s remember what this technique is about. Well, it is a technique that requires coloring one half of your hair in one color and the other in totally different one. Most of females prefer to go for bold and solid color combination while others love all those edgy colors. After checking all these pictures with half and half babes it will be hard not to call your hair colorist. There are many ways to pull off the look- split-dye job doesn’t have to be super bold.Half and Half Hair Colors to Try NowGrey and Yellow Hair Color

This is the highest moment to spark and shine. It is a stunning split-dye job that makes an excellent option for expressing your nature. This vibrant color combination looks stunning due to a right choice of tones. When it comes to your haircut, you don’t have to have ultra-long strands to show off the shades, even medium-length crop is more than enough to display the dye job.Grey and Yellow Hair ColorBlack and Red Violet Hair Color

The combination of solid shades is no less stunning. If you are not ready to go for bright and bold tones consider paring natural black and red shades. It is the best way to jazz up your look. However even with natural color combos you are still going to stand out because the technique provides a unique look.Black and Red Hair ColorGreen and Brown Hair Color

You can use all those imaginary shades to spice up your look. If you are a bold girl, consider going bold with vibrant green and brown shades. This color requires bleaching only the part of your head, as the other part is in natural tone. Green hair will never let you get bored.Green and Brown Hair ColorPastel Split-Dye Hair Color

Make your mermaid dreams come true with this lovely pastel hair color. Pastel pink and mint are delicious and stunning tones but if you can’t commit between these shades, pull both of them in a split-dye technique. Style your locks in gorgeous waves to bring out your inner mermaid and display to shades through your locks.Pastel Split Dye Hair ColorBlack and Red Hair Color

Here we have a less bold version of split-dye job. It is a style for girls who want to have a creative hair color without going too bright. Ask your colorist to divide your locks into two sections and dye one of them in an inky black shade while the other in a fairy red.Black and Red Hair ColorViolet and Blue Hair Color

This look is all about contrasting shades that provide a fun style. Violet and blue two tones work really well together creating a mind-blowing style. This split-dye job will accessorize your locks while giving a youthful touch to your appearance.Violet and Blue Hair Color