Breathtaking Pravana Hair Color Ideas for 2018

Pravana is a leading line of hair color and hair care products for skilful hair colorists. Whether you decide to go for a solid hair color or any hue of rainbow, you should consider using Pravana hair colors. The wide range of products allows you to pull of any shade you want without giving too much damage to your locks. Be that neon, pastel or solid shade, created with a Pravana hair color is guaranteed to be striking. Go on reading to see some breathtaking Pravana hair color ideas for 2018. Going bold has never been so easy!Pravana Hair Color Ideas for 2018Crazy Rainbow Braids

Can’t commit between shades? Go for a rainbow look. In this gorgeous example model’s hair begins in an inky-violet shade that melts into pink and red towards the tips. Blue, green and yellow hues come in handy to create a full rainbow look. The style is finished with double braids that add a sophisticated touch to the look. In this case, lots of upkeep is must.Crazy Rainbow Braids for 2018Neon Carnival

With a hair color like this you will definitely stand out in the crowd. Neon greens and yellows have been paired with a hint of lavender and dusty blue to create a crazy color combination.  The half up half down styling makes the look ready for a crazy party. Just adopt it and no one else will have the same look as you.neon hair color for 2018Copper Hair Color

That shine, that blend are simply irresistible. We love the beach waves created for this model- it is a perfect style that looks pretty simple still sexy. The locks start with a dark base over which the stylist added copper shade. If you want to adopt this particular look ask your colorist to add some glowing blonde accent around your face.Copper Hair Color for 2018Red Hair Don’t Care

This hair color will not only grab attention but also stop traffic as well. The locks begin with a vibrant red shade that takes the whole look to a top notch. The bold haircut with baby bangs also has a great impact on the style. It adds an edgy touch to the style. Make sure not to use too bright makeup.Copper Hair ColorDenim Blue Hair

Some of you may find it hard to figure out whether this shade is silver or denim blue. Anyway blue and silver hues have been gathered to create a chic denim blue hair color. It is on the dark spectrum of the color, but you will still need to bleach your locks before applying the color. It is a fun hair look that can be paired with casual outfit.denim blue hair colorPerfect Brunette

The perfect Pravana shade you see here is called The Perfect Brunette. Well, this model amazingly demonstrates her brunette locks, proving that instead of hiding your brunette hair you can simply embrace it. The model wears this deep brunette shade as an all over color. The shade is full of dimension and she is wearing it in an elegant stick-straight style.Perfect Brunette hair color for 2018Dimensional Dusty Lavender

What about this lovely style? Mixing various tones of lavender and grey you can achieve a dimensional hair color like this one. It is an excellent option to experiment with pastel shades without going too bright. Combine the color with a wavy texture of bob and you will definitely make a bold statement.Dimensional Dusty LavenderWarm Coral Hair Color

Peachy coral hair color compliments olive skin tone while bringing out the beauty of the features. This light shade of orange has been complemented with brown and beach blonde highlights. To enhance your hair color, go for beach waves. It is a breathtaking style, to wear in any season of the year.coral hair color for 2018Smooth Blonde Hair Color

Every girl dreams to become a blonde at least once in her life. In case if you are planning to go for a blonde hair look, consider this option. It is a lovely blend of honey and mocha that creates a well-refined look. This dark to light sombre is cool particularly for long hair. Combine the pattern with wavy and straight texture for the best effect.blonde hair color for 2018Teal Hair Color

The color is simply striking. The dark cola black base has been transformed into deep teal towards the tips for a pastel hair effect. It is a mermaid inspired look that is meant to set you apart from the others. With a little bit upkeep the color will look fresh for a while.Teal Hair Color for 2018