Top 10 Merlot Hair Color Ideas in 2018

From now on you should include merlot hair color to your must-have list. It is a shade of red that uses reddish violet tones for a delicate color combo. Actually this tone can be suited to numerous skin complexions. It is a popular shade among brunettes and redheads. Below I sorted out top 10 merlot hair color ideas for 2018 that will definitely make you want to drink a glass of merlot wine. Whether you prefer a natural-looking ombre or a bold highlighted look, here you will find your ultimate inspiration.Merlot Hair Color Ideas in 2018Merlot Ombre

This rich merlot ombre is a good option for brunettes who want to know how it feels like to be a redhead. It requires creating a soft transition from dark roots to merlot tips. Like any other ombre, this one also lasts long as the darker roots reduce maintenance. However use shampoos for color treated hair to keep your locks shiny and healthy.Merlot Ombre for 2018Merlot Balayage

Hand painted merlot streaks take the entire look a step higher. This color is somewhere in between brunette and red shades. Since it is on darker spectrum of the color, you don’t have to give too much damage to your hair, to achieve this look. A single side braid can be created to spice up your merlot hair.Merlot Balayage for 2018Merlot Hair Highlights

Keep your hair shiny, by adding light merlot streaks to your brunette locks. The merlot hair highlights placed here and there will definitely enhance the movement throughout your locks. It is not a bold look, so we don’t guarantee that you will steal the spotlight, but it is a feminine shade that is worth to pull off.Merlot Hair Highlights for 2018Copper-Violet Hair Color

If monochrome hair colors are not for you, consider incorporating some violet and copper tones to your locks. It will provide a multidimensional look that looks good even with a less upkeep. Copper-violet hair color flatters an array of skin tones. It is a sophisticated shade that could be the best option for your next hair color makeover.Copper Violet Hair Color for 2018Merlot Bob Haircut

Cheers ladies! Here we have a glass of wine for you. Bob haircuts are totally in demand. Whether you have a lob or bob crop consider giving it a good dye job for a lovely finish. Combine red hair color with naturally darker roots to create an ombre pattern. Ask your colorist for balayage ombre for a more natural-looking effect.Merlot Bob Haircut for 2018Shiny Violet Streaks

You don’t have to go ultra-blonde or bright pastel to make a fashion statement. You can have a stunning and chic look with a lovely merlot hair color as well. Style your locks in carefree waves to display your purplish locks.Violet hair highlights for 2018Plum Textured Lob

There is something irresistible about this shade. It allows you to show off your brunette locks while rocking a plum hair color. The best thing about this color is that it complements both cool and warm skin complexions. For a more natural finish, combine the colors using balayage technique.Long Merlot WavesPeek-a-Boo Highlights

If you are looking for a way to update your current hair color without full commitment consider placing some peek-a-boo highlights here and there to give an extra pop to your locks. Peek-a-boo streaks are great to transform boring locks to something more interesting.  Peek-a-Boo HighlightsLong Merlot Waves

Here is another look with merlot hair color that is irresistible. This subtle color is totally out of harsh lines. If you have long hair, you don’t have to think twice before adopting this head-turner hair color. Don’t forget to give your locks some beach waves to enhance the color.Long Merlot WavesCopper Brown Hair Color

There are numerous shades of merlot that you will want to consider before going for it. Consult your colorist to find t the exact shade for your skin tone and eye color. This particular style requires creating a transition from brown to reddish copper using balayage technique. Demonstrate your chic ombre with the help of waves.Copper Brown Hair Color