2018 Rooted Hair Colors to Turn Your Head

Rainbow and grown out roots are officially in. This trend came to enhance your monotone hair color and give a creative touch to your style. You can combine all imaginary shades together for a totally new look. We have already seen lots of hairstyles with naturally grown out roots, now we will see various hairstyles with rainbow roots. If you find yourself a brave enough to rock one of these looks, check out 2018 rooted hair colors that I have selected using popular hair colorist’s Instagram pages.2018 Rooted Hair ColorsPearl with Smoked Roots

Consider wearing pearl hair with smoked roots! It is a hair color to turn heads and steal the spotlight. Well, bleached locks are here to stay, but try to think out of the box to spice up your pre-lightened locks with modern twist. I assure you the options are really limitless and “smoked roots” is just one of them. Ask your colorist to use conditioner to enforce bonds back into the color.pearl hair color with Smoked roots for 2018Rose Roots

Rose hair color features femininity and sexiness. It is a shade for all brave heart ladies that don’t fear to go for bold experiments. Rose roots complement platinum hair color bringing the best of this model’s features. It is a high-maintenance look but you will see that it is really worth your time, money and effort. Now this Barbie doll look that can be yours too.pearl hair color with Smoked roots for 2018Three-Tone Hair Color

A single tone is not for you and two tones too?  Opt for three-tone hair color! The vibrant shades have been gathered to create a mind-blowing color combination. The purple roots get light peach at the mid-shift and end up with metallic silver at the bottom. In order to avoid damage you may go with temporary color kits or hair extensions.Three Tone Hair ColorSilver Hair with Popped up Roots

Silver-grey or “granny hair” is the favorite look of trendsetters and beauty bloggers. The best thing is that young girls take this trend and personalize it to their own taste. However you will definitely love the idea of rocking granny hair with dark roots. Revealed roots bring out the charm of the color.Silver Hair with Popped up RootsViolet Roots and Bleached Hair

From now on everyone is getting hot roots. The metallic violet at the root is the best way to express your bold and unruly nature. Violet is paired with bleached locks to provide some contrast. Well, with a color like this you should not only use conditioners and shampoos for color treated hair, but also go for frequent touchups.Violet Roots and Bleached HairTangerine-y Roots

The advantage of rooted hair color trend is that now you can use your favorite unnatural shade to enhance your roots. If you are looking for some inspiration to update your blonde hair color, no need to go further.  Give some peach-y or tangerine-y tones to your roots and the result is a new blonde hair color.Tangerine Roots for blonde hair 2018Blonde Hair with Ginger Roots

I have promised to turn your head, haven’t I? Blonde and ginger combination is no less stunning. It is a way to call attention. Throw some ginger tones to your roots. It will give some warmth to your locks and create a dimensional look. Ask your colorist for layered haircut because layers are best at bringing out the color on the surface.Blonde Hair with Ginger RootsNightfall Roots

There couldn’t be a bolder look than this one. The nightfall blue roots melt into a mix of aquatic blue towards the tips. Three tones of blue create a sophisticated hair color that is totally chic. Carefree waves always come in handy to demonstrate the amazing blend of the colors.blue hair with dark blue rootsSmoky Copper Melt

It is probably the best idea for redheads who are looking for something creative without going too bright and bold. It features a dark brunette base that melts into a red-copper at the mid-part and bottom. Pair this color blend with a modern haircut and you will definitely rock.Smoky Copper Melt For 2018Smoky Silver with Purple Roots

Smoky silver and purple shades are the best combination ever. In order to create a color contrast, keep you roots purple and go for smoky silver tips. Long hair is an excellent canvas for this color combo. Just try it out and grab lots of attention.