15 Aveda-Inspired Hair Colors for 2018

Aveda is a professional salon and spa center, where the most skillful specialist came together to create ethereal hair color ideas. Apart from this, Aveda produces hair-care products including shampoos and color treatments for healthy and glossy hair. Every hair color guru knows about this company. So, today we tried to find our inspiration on Aveda Instagram page. Here are 15 hair color ideas for 2018. If you are searching for a fashion forward hair color, below you may find what you desire to have in 2018. Hair Colors for 2018Dark Hair with a Hint of Blue

Now you can easily go blue without damaging your brunette locks. Ask your colorist to add a subtle hint of blue shade on your dark hair. The pop of blue will enhance your brunette locks making them look even more interesting. Somehow this color can be called gloomy gray too. The best thing is that it doesn’t require lots of upkeep.Dark Hair with a Hint of BlueDeep Sapphire Hair Color

Deep sapphire is one of the most favorite shades of blue that every girl desires to try out. This jewel-toned hair will turn heads wherever you go. You can keep your color looking vibrant with the help of qualified hair products! It is an excellent option for brunettes to go with.Deep Sapphire Hair ColorMetallic Blue Hair Color

If you have a wavy bob, don’t hesitate to update it with a combination of blue and turquoise. Blue hair has already gain popularity among Instagram beauty bloggers. It is your turn to go for it. This color works well for women with cool or fair skin tones otherwise you have to consult your colorist before adopting it.Metallic Blue Hair ColorPastel Hair Color

If you are a true fan of pastel hair colors you will definitely be unable to ignore this lovely style. The pink with shadow roots is what you need to take your platinum blonde locks a step higher. It is an effortless style for ladies with light hair color. A choppy bob haircut with bangs is more than enough to bring out the shadow roots and the entire color.Pastel Hair Color for 2018Emerald Green Hair Color

Go for this bold hair color idea and celebrate your freedom and bold nature. The color has been created by Aveda colorists and it is already an inspiration for many females out there. The style proves that brunettes also can pair their dark locks with pastels.Emerald Green Hair ColorBright Red Hair Color

We couldn’t forget about our redhead babes as well. Here we have an offer by Aveda Company that is a little bit extreme. Well, if you are a brave girl then you will not face troubles while creating this look. It requires cropping your locks to a sculptural bob that also has an undercut at the nape of the neck. But this is not all because you will also need to add a vibrant red shade to your bob for a bold finish.Bright Red Hair Color for 2018Red with Dark Roots

If you are not ready for a bold commitment, consider this particular red hair color. It is the best moment to bring your boring and plain hair color to a new beautiful state. Actually it is not as bright and vibrant as the previous option but it still looks stunning. The best thing is that it may bring your cut to life too.Red with Dark RootsOrange Hair Color with Highlights

What about this particular style? Both the cut and the color make a great combination. It is a geometric bob cut that unfortunately doesn’t suit all. If you have appropriate face features opt for this style, but don’t forget to spice it up with an interesting color blend such as orange with highlights.orange hair color with highlightsPink Hair Eclitping

Here is a jellyfish look by Aveda colorists that may serve as a good source of inspiration. If you want to recreate a look like this, ask your colorist to blend the colors through eclipting technique. The dynamic styling also will help you bring out the beauty of the color.Smoky Purple Hair Color#RainbowHairGoals

Get ready for the season with pretty pastel hues. This particular style features lavender, pink, purple, violet and blonde streaks for a multidimensional color. Keep the roots dark for less maintenance. Brunette babes, it is your time to shine!rainbow hair color trend for 2018Smoky Purple Hair Color

Smoky purple is having a moment right now. It is the best option to experiment with pastel hues without going too bright. However this color still requires pre-lightening your locks, to apply purple and grey tones to the locks. But one thing is more than clear; it is really worth a little bit upkeep.Smoky Purple Hair ColorMoon-Kissed Sculptural Bob

It is an obsession-worthy headdress that will keep you in the center of attention. It seems sculptural bob haircuts have gone viral. They look bold yet ultra sexy and feminine. One of the best examples we have included in our list. This chic bob gets a sophisticated touch with a dark grey hair color.Gray Sculptural Bob for 2018Copper Red Hair Color

Copper hair colors come in numerous shades and shapes. They are classified into the family of red hair colors. These reddish shades can be suited to any skin tone. If you want to get that ‘wow” factor, consider going for a copper like this. The color looks exceptionally good on healthy hair.copper red hair color for 2018Golden Eclipting Hair Color

Inject some golden hues to your brunette locks using balayage technique. Eclipting hair colors will not only make your features pop up creating a lovely contour for your hair, but also provide a multidimensional color combo. It is the best way to enhance the movement throughout your locks.Golden Eclipting Hair ColorWarm Rose Tones

Consider adding a hint of rose to your blonde hair color for extra warmth and dimension. Rose hair colors have always grab lots of attention plus these tones make a great option for updating your current blonde hair. With a feminine color like this you will never get bored.Warm Rose Gold Hair Color 2018