Different Shades of Grey Hair Color for 2018

Blonde and brunette hair colors have always been in the center of attention. Never expect that these two shades will ever go out of the trend. But there is something irresistible about grey hair color. Somehow it is also a natural hair color as with the passage of time we all go grey. Most of females prefer to hide graying hair while others are ready to embrace it. However gray is a color for females of different age groups. This lovely shade has taken the internet by storm. Below I have compiled different shades of grey hair color for 2018.Shades of Grey Hair Color for 2018Grey Hair with Silver Finish

With a color like this you will never ever go wrong. It is a look both for young ladies and adult women. To create this sparkling hair color, you will want to have lengthy hair as the color requires longer hair for better demonstration. Ask your colorist to opt for an ash brown base that gradually transitions into yellow-blonde at the mid length and ends up with a hint of silver. Loose waves add dimension to the look.Grey Hair with Silver FinishWhite-Grey with Dark Roots

Want to have an ethereal look? Consider this white-grey hair color with dark roots. It is a super high-maintenance look for brunettes, but it is totally worth a little bit upkeep. The granny hair has been paired with darker roots to introduce some interest to the style plus modern hair colors are all about dark roots and lighter tips. Create gorgeous ringlets using your curling iron.silver hair with dark rootsBlue Gray Hair Color

Grey hair color can be perfectly paired with other shades as well. If you are fond of the colors that are on the darker spectrum, this is what you are looking for. Smoky grey has been paired with blue streaks to create a ravishing and mind-blowing hair color. Just a simple lob haircut is more than enough to display color combo.blue grey hair colorGrey with Hair Highlights

Here is an amazing style that requires blending silver, light ash brown and blue highlights for a sophisticated look. If you are fond of a natural-looking hair colors, we highly recommend asking your hair colorist for a balayage color blend. These balayage highlights provide a multidimensional look and also enhance the movement throughout the locks.Grey with Hair HighlightsBold Grey Balayage

Bold hair colors are definitely best when you want to express your nature. Mix your favorite pastel shades with grey locks for a unique style. Have you ever thought of blending purple with grey? If no, you should, as this combination will always make you stand out in the crowd. Give your locks some curls for a bold finish.grey purple hair color