Unique Icy Blue Hair Colors

It is not a secret that there are numerous hair colors to choose from. By saying numerous hair colors we don’t mean only sub-tones of red, blonde or brown. We mean all those rainbow hues out there, and blue is just one of them. It is a ravishing unnatural shade that can be adopted by any girl out there. There are still various shades of blue that you will still love to sport. Today we are going to talk about icy blue hair colors that are pretty light. Icy blue hair colors can be worn by ladies who want to experiment with aqua hair. Let’s hope you will love the pictures that I have included.Unique Icy Blue Hair ColorsTeal Hair Color

It is an icy blue hairstyle that is a great option for ladies who are not ready to go for an almost-white look. It is still pretty bold but it has the feel of pastel shades. This blue hair color is high maintenance that is totally worth your time and money. The color looks incredible in braided styles. Use color-treatments to keep your color fresh and healthy.Teal Hair ColorBlue and Turquoise Hair Color

If solid colors are not for you, consider combining your blue with turquoise. It will provide a rich and sassy shade that will make anyone stand out. This color combo is an excellent option to spice up you look. Ask your colorist to blend the colors in a way that adds more dimension and interest to the style. A layered pixie is the best way to demonstrate the colors.Blue and Turquoise Hair ColorDark Blue to Light Blue Ombre

This is a striking choice for women who don’t want to sport light blue hair color. It is an ombre pattern that requires transitioning the roots from blue-black to light towards the tips. This color will help you lighten up your look and create a lovely headdress. Finish the style with effortless and carefree waves. If you copy this hairstyle, everyone will think that mermaids are real.Dark Blue to Light Blue OmbreAqua to Purple Hair Color

If you want to copy this look ask your colorist to create a seamless color blend. Both aqua and purple tones are meant to provide a multidimensional hair color. It is a modern hair color and can be paired with retro inspired hairstyles. If you want to reduce maintenance, keep the roots darker. Don’t forget to ask your colorist for color treatments.Aqua to Purple Hair ColorHalf and Half Hair Color

Use right techniques to create a bold look. This particular style has been achieved with the help of split dye job. Those who can’t commit between two shades should consider this technique. It allows applying two different shades on both sides of the head. The look is for ladies who don’t fear to go for commitments.Half and Half Hair Color