Dark Red Hair Color Ideas

If you are a lady who wants to know how it feels like to be a redhead without going too light, you should consider darker red shades. Basically darker versions of red are auburn, burgundy or wine tones. The best thing is that you can still show off your brunette side while rocking a hot red hair color. Dark tones come in various shades and shapes just ensure that you don’t have a monochromatic hair color. We have sorted out some dark red hair colors that are not bold at all. Just check them out!Dark Red Hair Color Ideas Red Violet hair Color

Red and violet shades create a gorgeous combination on any hair length. This look is not for ladies who want to achieve a contrasting look. The natural appeal comes from the colors blended through balayage technique. This deep red tone gives extra dimension and depth to the look. It is a brilliant idea both for long and medium length hair.Red Violet hair ColorBurgundy Hair Color

Burgundy is a darker shade of red that always guarantees a magical color transformation. It uses balayage technique that can be paired with some lowlights as well. If you are planning to enhance your burgundy hair opt for purple or dark red lowlights. Finish the style with stunning waves that will definitely enhance the natural movement of your locks.Burgundy Hair ColorMagenta Hair Color

If you want to make your dark red hair color even more interesting, go for more than one shade. Let’s not forget that 2017 is all about rocking multi-tone hair colors. Magenta is also a dark shade of red that will look better when paired with purple tones. You can apply the shades in highlights or go for an ombre design. The choice is totally up to you.Magenta Hair ColorCherry Red Hair

We don’t promise that with a color like this you will steal the spotlight, but we promise that this hair color will make your look ultra feminine and elegant. Cherry and red tones create a hair shade that is pretty deep and natural. Choose a right hairstyle to bring out your texture and the beauty of the color. The longer hair, the better!Cherry Red HairDark Brown to Red Balayage

Balayage creates a hair color that is super natural. It has a brown shade at the top that gradually melts into red balayage highlights towards the tips. These red tones breathe extra life to the monotone brown strands. Stylists always choose waves to demonstrate the color. So you can also use this method showing off your dark brown to balayage hair colors.Dark Brown to Red Balayage