Badass Pastel Hair Colors for 2017

Pastel hair colors have taken Instagram by storm. Various techniques are being used to apply rainbow shades to the locks- split dye, oil slick, opal and etc. The best thing is that these techniques allow both brunettes and blondes rock the craziest hues. Actually most of pastels are meant to create an edgy style. These tones are bright and fashion forward. Usually pastel hair colors are being adopted by ladies who are looking for extra attention. If you scroll down you will see the boldest pastel hair colors for 2017.Bold Pastel Hair Colors for 2017Pastel Rainbow Hair Color

This style is bold but it is also a cute way to bring out your inner mermaid. Well, it is an ombre pattern that requires keeping the darker colors at the roots and getting lighter at the ends. A few highlights placed higher on the head are more than enough to take your look to a top notch. Give your locks a v-shape at the back of your head to demonstrate a multidimensional hair color.Pastel Rainbow Hair ColorPastel Crown Hair Color

Well, it is a combination of pink and purple that will make you have a look of fairy queen. If you love this look ask your colorist to create a color combo where the pink gives way to purples at the tips and grey highlights come in handy to spice up the entire look. The color is undoubtedly super sweet but the crown braid also gives an ethereal look to the style.Pastel Crown Hair ColorBalayage Pastel Hair Color

We have already mentioned how gorgeous pastel hair colors are when achieved through balayage technique. This particular style is the best prove of my words. If you want to achieve this look, show this picture to your colorist. Note that the root is in rebellious lavender shade while the rest of locks have been painted in rainbow tones.Balayage Pastel Hair ColorEmerald and Amethyst Balayage Hair Color

Since jewel-tones are so trendy, isn’t it the best moment to rock? Amethyst and emerald shades make a great option for brunettes. The smoky tones create a lovely effect that is simply irresistible. Females with fair skin tone and green eyes shouldn’t think twice before pulling off these lovely shades. However you will still need to maintain the pastels.Emerald and Amethyst Balayage Hair ColorWarm Silver Balayage

The colorist Guy Tang is pretty good at creating metallic hair colors. Platinum blonde, delicious purple and lovely pink shades are combined to create an extreme hair color. Blondes don’t have to worry too much as it is the most effortless style for them. It requires no-bleaching. Regular touch-ups will keep the color fresh.Emerald and Amethyst Balayage Hair Color