5 Must-Have Mahogany Hair Colors

Mahogany is considered being a shade of red that has purple undertones. If you are planning to upgrade you look, join the mahogany brown crowd. The best thing about mahogany hair is that it flatters both cool and warm skin complexions. Any haircut gets a sophisticated touch with a mahogany hair color. Actually you have a chance to choose between reddish-brown and purple-brown tones. Here I have sorted out 5 must-have mahogany hair colors that involve both reddish and purplish tones. If you are ready to see all of them, let’s start!Mahogany Hair ColorsLight Mahogany Brown Hair

This light mahogany brown hair color demonstrates the latest trends. It is a bit extreme shade that came to prove that modern solid hair colors can be paired with unnatural pastels for a unique look. However this ravishing hair color is somewhere in between chocolate and scarlet with a hint of purple thrown throughout the strands.Light Mahogany Brown HairDark Crimson Balayage

It is definitely an ombre look that comes from a fairy dark mahogany and ends up with a vibrant reddish purple. Note that the locks are styled a little bit messy to create a nonchalant and disheveled style. This look can be adopted by all sassy ladies out there. It is a bold hair color that will definitely sat you apart from the others.Dark Crimson BalayageAubergine Hair Color

For ladies who are interested in making a fashion statement, this is the best look you need. It is a vibrant and rich hair color that has some purple undertones. Note that these tones update the red hair color and gives it a chic touch. However you can give your locks some big and heavy waves to enhance the movement of your hair.Aubergine Hair ColorDark Mahogany Hair Color

This particular shade is pretty deep and it pairs well enough with natural dark black. It is a low-maintenance look that can be enhanced with the help of curls. These natural-looking curls bring out the natural shine of the mahogany hue and take the whole look to a top notch. With a color like this you will achieve your desired dimension and depth.Dark Mahogany Hair ColorViolet Curls

Here is a way to cool down the scarlet shades and go for a softer violet tone. It is a pretty bold look that requires courage to have. If you love this particular style, ask your colorist to apply violet hue throughout your locks. Some highlights will make your violet even better. Take an example from the style shown below.Violet Curls