Celebrities’ Hair Color Transformations for 2017

Curious to see the most known celebrity hair color updates? You are in the right place since we have compiled celebrities’ hair color transformations of 2017. You will see that your favorite celebrities don’t fear to go any hair color makeover. Today they rock rainbow hair the other day natural solid hues. Well, there is no a single celebrity that wears the same hair color for a while. If you love to follow celebrities and take their looks as a source of inspiration, you will definitely appreciate the styles that we have selected.Celebrities Hair Color Transformations for 2017Brown Hair Color

Several weeks ago Emma Roberts was a hot redhead, but now she is back to brown. This rich brown hair color proves that this actress can pull off literally any hair color. Whether she is trying to prove that the solid hues are still the most desired shades or it is just a way to make a fashion statement, we truly in love with this hue. It compliments her skin tone providing her a totally new style.Emma Roberts Brown Hair ColorBlonde + Buzz Haircut

Blonde + buzz = a bold look. Kristen Stewart is again blonde but it is not a simple blonde it is a buzz blonde. Well, buzz haircut is not one of those effortless hairstyles to pull off as it suits only perfect-shaped faces. Kristen Stewart sorts it expertly and with confidence. Her brand new haircut and hair color accentuates her bold style.blonde buzz haircutPlatinum Blonde

It was shocking to see Cara Delevingne stepping out in Paris with a totally new look. Cara’s platinum blonde locks is still a matter of discussion. It looks as edgy and super as Cara herself. She has also chopped off her locks for a more sophisticated touch. You can take this color transformation as a good source of inspiration.platinum Hair Color Cara DelevingneBlonde Choppy Bob Hair

We truly loved Hailey Baldwin’s red-brown hair color but she has recently showed off her new lightened blonde shade on Instagram. Hailey has tried lots of hair looks- pink hair, brown hair, short hair long hair etc. But this latest crop and hair color could be the best. Both the cut and color work really well to bring out her skin tone and face shape.  Blonde Choppy Bob HaircutPlatinum Blonde Lob

Katy Perry shows us one of her drastic hair color transformations. Recently she has been spotted with a drastic color change. Her lob haircut has been updated with a platinum blonde shade. We have seen the look on Instagram. It is a lovely style that one’s should have courage to adopt. It could be your biggest color transformation too.Katy Perry platinum lob haircut