French Brown Hair Colors for 2017

Sophie Marceau and Charlotte Gainsbourg have something in common: they are both French and brunettes. Today we are going to talk about French brown hair color for 2017 that has taken the world by storm. You are going to know everything about this mysterious natural hair color. This color is all about using a right technique to apply the color. It goes without saying that this tone is pretty natural as it is a sub-tone of brown. However the color complements numerous skin tones and natural textures. Just Check out these pictures for a better understanding. French Brown Hair Colors for 2017Brunette Hair Inspired by the Brits

Women who are not French shouldn’t be envious anymore as with the help of a right technique you can easily achieve any hair color you want. Well, that’s true everything about French women seems extra beautiful and charming. Thanks to British celebrity hairstyles now we have a new hair coloring technique known as French brown hair. Due to this technique more and more women turn to French celebrities for brunette inspiration.french brown

french brown hair

french brown

It Is All about Technique

Actually this new hair color has been a real boom on social media and finally the secret of the technique has been revealed and everyone can recreate the look. So, how the colorist worked to achieve this strikingly natural hair color? Well, to give a natural-looking appearance to the brown locks, he pre-colored hair to avoid red and orange hues that may pop up particularly when you have blonde locks. And then with the help of our favorite balayage technique he added extra depth and sun-kissed effect to the locks. It’s truly easy, isn’t it?

french brown hair color trend

french brown hair color trend

How to Achieve your Desired French Brown

The first thing you should do before going to your hair colorist is to find an excellent photo of the French brown hair color you would love to recreate. In this way your hair colorist will be able to determine what the best technique for your hair type is. It is also important to ask your colorist for the best hair care products to help the color last longer and reduce your visits to hair salon. Just make sure to use high-quality products.

french brown hair color for 2017

Hairstyles for French Brown Hair

You can go for various updos and downdos. As it is a natural looking hair color, you can pair it with literally any hairstyle. Most of females prefer to show off their gorgeous French brown hair color with the help of sumptuous waves. Banged-cuts also work well with this color. Undoubtedly a French brown hair color will boost your confidence.french brown hair color for 2017