5 Balayage Hair Colors to Steal Right Now

Balayage is a French highlighting technique that is being adjusted to your hair and personal style for a very natural-looking result. Nowadays balayage is the main trend that is being adopted by brunettes, redheads and blondes. It seems balayage came to enhance bronde, sombre and hair contouring trends while providing a style that is a lot easier to maintain. Here I have selected 5 balayage hair colors using Instagram as an ultimate source of inspiration. Whether you are a blonde or brunette you will definitely find your favorite style among these beauty bloggers.Balayage Hair Colors to Steal Right NowStrobing Balayage Hair Color

You have already known that hair strobing drew its inspiration from makeup trend. It also uses balayage technique to highlight a few strands of hair for a true sun-kissed effect. Your hair colorist tries to find the best zones to highlight your hair in order to being people’s attention to the best features of you face. Hair strobing is an excellent option to achieve a natural looking appearance.Strobing Balayage Hair ColorHair Contouring Balayage

Whether you believe or not but hair contouring may radically change the appearance of your face shape. The strategically placed light highlights throughout the locks give a totally different look to your face. This look proves that balayage technique is meant to provide a product that is subtle and soft. The best thing about this look is that it is totally low-maintenance.Hair Contouring BalayageBroux Balayage Hair

When girls with natural dark hair color get their hair lightened, sometimes they have to face popped up reddish and orange hues. Well, most of girls try to avoid those hues, but there is a cool solution for it. Next time when you decide to color your locks, instead of classic blonde, opt for broux hair color. Broux= brown red. Ask your colorist to use the balayage technique to make the tints pop up and look even more natural.Broux Balayage HairBronde Balayage

If you love to be a brunette but you still want to experiment with blonde hues, bronde hair color trend is just for you. Ask your hair colorist to use the balayage technique to place lighter strands throughout your locks. It will add a little bit warmth and dimension to your locks. It is an excellent summer look, isn’t it?Bronde BalayageSombre Balayage

Sombre is the color of trendsetters and fashionistas. It creates a natural-looking contrast between the roots and the tips of the locks. We recommend talking with your colorist before adopting for a sombre balayage look. The colorist should place the highlights using balayage technique. It will provide a rich hair color.Sombre Balayage