2017 Trending Pastel Hair Colors on Instagram

Unicorn hair doesn’t show any sign of leaving this industry. Whether rainbow-colored hair is your cup of tea or not, you should check out 2017 trending pastel hair colors on Instagram. You will definitely appreciate just how stunning some of these looks are. For most hairstyles it is possible to achieve different pastel colored looks such as pink, silver grey or even pale lilac. However it is important to know that your hair must be pre-lightened first before applying the color. Choose your favorite pastel hair color and personalize it to your own taste.2017 Trending Pastel Hair Colors on InstagramClassic Pink Hair Color

Cotton candy hair color is the definition of subtleness and femininity. The color provides a Barbie doll look that most of girls dream to have. Pink is not as hard to get as females imagine and it is a great first color for you to try out if you want to be familiarized with the pastel hair trend. Don’t forget that the color is easy to get if only you have bleached locks.Classic Pink Hair ColorFashion-Forward Silver or “Granny Hair”

“Granny hair” is not only grannies’ anymore. Granny hair or hair that is colored silver/grey is now a look that many celebrities, fashionistas and beauty bloggers are adopting. If you also want to be a fashion forward and rock a trendy hair hue, granny hair is the way to go. It is the highest moment to grab all attention out there.Silver hair color for 2017Opal Hair Color

Opal was a hot trend of 2016 but it is still going to be in the center of attention this summer. A line between rainbow hair and pastel hair is the opal hair trend. All ladies love this look. The purple base color is being combined with silver and pink hues to end up with a look that is both soft and dreamy. It is Instagram beauty blogger’s favorite color technique.Opal Hair ColorGalaxy Hair Color

What else we have seen on Instagram? Well, from a wide range of colorful locks galaxy hair really stands out. Galaxy hair is close to rainbow hair but has more allure due to the light inspired colors that are being applied to achieve the look. Galaxy hair look is a bit dark but as soon as you wash your hair it will start to fade out a bit and become more wearable.Galaxy Hair ColorHybrid Split Dyed Hair

Just to remind you about this trend I will define it. Split dyed hair is hair that has two different colors on either side. For example one side can be colored in a vibrant and vivid pastel hair color and the other side may be darker contrasting shade such as solid black. The combination of these two looks creates a mind blowing effect. It is a bit extreme look to adopt. Split Dyed Hair