Donatella Versace Fall 2017: Electric Hair Colors

Donatella Versace’s Fall 2017collection has a powerful appeal and it was all about females’ role in today’s world. Bold statement hairstyles came in handy to make the models’ look complete. Popular hairstylist Guido Palau worked really hard to weave vibrant and vivid colors into the models’ strands. It is probably Donatella Versace’s vision of modern women. You could see electric-hued extension everywhere. Now these colorful streaks have been transformed to the streets. Ladies, who want to express their feelings and emotions, opt for vibrant streaks. Below you will see the most eye-catching electric hair colors by Donatella Versace fashion house.Electric Hair ColorsElectric Yellow Hair Color

The colorist used extension according to the models’ hair color. Here you can see that the vibrant electric yellow streaks have been weaved into a dark blonde hair hue. This funky hair color and dark eye makeup create a rocker chic look that any rock style lover will appreciate. Streaks are totally safe as they are not going to damage your locks. You just need to pull off your leather coat and you are ready to go!Electric Yellow Hair ColorElectric Orange Hair Color

This gorgeous model’s platinum lob haircut is spiced up with electric orange streaks. The streaks give an extra pop to the long bob creating a lovely contrast. Note that the streaks have been expertly paired with the color. You can opt for any shade you like, but orange hues provide a pretty interesting look when paired with platinum blonde.platinum bob with orange streaksElectric Blue Streaks

If you have always dreamed to experiment with a blue hair color but didn’t feel brave enough to go for it, you can do it right now. Add some electric blue streaks to your locks to create a vibrant color combo. Blue-black locks compliment numerous skin complexions. A pop of color will not only enhance your black hair color but also boost your confidence.Electric Blue StreaksElectric Blue-Violet Streaks

Donatella Versace’s hair stylist offers an incredible option for brunettes who desire to add a vibrant touch to the locks. Blue-violet streaks have been placed around the face to provide a striking face framing design. Professionally weaved streaks create an illusion of hair highlights. No one will guess that you are wearing hair extensions.Electric Blue Violet Streaks

Electric Red Streaks

You can play around any vibrant shade you want. The look can be created on any hair length. Have a look at the picture below to see electric red streaks weaved into short hair. A bowl haircut is taken a step higher due to the bright highlights. Natural brown locks complement red streaks providing a cool streaks