Best Hair Color Trends for Summer 2017

Summer is not behind the mountains, so be prepared for the coolest hair colors. 2017 is going to be a year of different hair colors- from natural hues to vibrant colors out of the box. It is not going to be just a year of brunettes or blondes. Celebrities’ colorists predict that a few looks will definitely stand out and some of them are- denim hair, pink hair and flash-tone platinum blonde. Pink hair is one that has always been around and don’t expect that it will ever leave fashion industry. Another signature shade can be your undertone and eye color. These are the best hair color trends of summer 2017 if you are in search of a new makeover, consider these looks.Best Hair Color Trends for Summer 2017Brunette Hair Color

What should brunettes do with their natural dark hair color? Well, they have to consider lightening their darker base by one or two tones and then blending the mid and end sections with sweet caramel and chocolate shades through balayage technique. According to the colorists it is going to be a major trend in 2017. It is your ultimate chance to be a step forward from the others!Brunette Hair ColorTiger Eye Hair Color

Well, it is all about bringing in lighter sections on the tips of the locks. It is a modern take on a tiger eye hair color. It is recommended keeping the color super shiny. You can use some high-quality products that will help you achieve a high shine on lightened sections of hair. It is really a striking idea for all brunettes out there. The best thing is that the color looks pretty natural.Tiger Eye Hair ColorNot-Basic Blonde

For blondes, there will be an intention keeping the locks as natural as possible. The natural tones around the face add a color to the face. This trend allows blondes to keep the locks super natural while experimenting with a new hair color. It is also a great idea to throw in red, gold and blonde shades which really complement each other.Not-Basic BlondeVibrant Hair Color

If you feel like experimenting with velvet, silky rich hair colors here is an excellent option for you. Consider black, green, purples, dark chocolate, violet browns, dark earthy reds and other vibrant hair hues. Well, to maintain crazy bright shades you will need to use high-quality shampoos. Ask your colorist to recommend you some color treatments after coloring your locks.Vibrant Hair ColorJewel-Toned Hair Color

This is a bold take on a modern pastel hair trend. Actually bright shades like sapphire blue and pink are being incorporated into soft color melts. This version is easy to achieve if you have lighter locks. Dark-haired ladies will need to go for bleaching sessions to achieve the look.Jewel-Toned Hair Color