Hottest Rainbow Hair Colors for 2017

In 2017 rocking unconventional and unnatural hair colors are still normal. We have tried to do our own research to find out the Technicolor trends that are going to hit 2017. In this case also our favorite celebrities came in handy. You are going to see everything from peach sorbet to violets and denim. World gets even more colorful. Just keep on reading to find the hottest rainbow hair colors for 2017 and learn how to match the color to your complexion. If you are ready, let’s move on!Hottest Rainbow Hair Colors for 2017Powdery Pink Hair Color

This lovely pastel ombre hair color with the hint of rose gold is an excellent idea for spring and summer. The reverse ombre with the intense pink tone adds a feminine flair to a classic style. Who can wear this color? The style is perfect for women with fair to medium skin tones as it adds softness and warmth to the complexion. Plus you should have healthy locks to apply the color otherwise it will not look so cool.Powdery Pink Hair ColorNeon Lime Hair Color

If you are ready to go bold, try out neon shade of yellow and green. This color combo will definitely sat you apart from the others. The multidimensional look can be achieved by lifting your hair to blonde and blending the combination of both green and yellow toner. It is a single-process color if you have bleached locks. This color combo flatters medium-to dark skin tones.Neon Lime Hair ColorElectric Strawberry Hair Color

It is an electric pink hair color that will definitely make you stand out in the world of brunettes and blondes. In order to achieve this particular look, you should ask your colorist to start with bleached or blonde hair. The best thing is that your locks don’t have to be pre-lightened to a super pale blonde. Less bleaching, less damage! The color works on numerous skin tones but looks exceptionally gorgeous on fair and medium complexions with rosy undertones.Electric Strawberry Hair ColorEmerald Green Hair Color

If you are looking for something contrasting for your brunette locks, here is an excellent idea for you. The emerald green creates a wonderful contrast with brunette locks. Ask your colorist for an ombre pattern that requires using a green toner. This striking jewel tone hair color is going to look great on most skin tones.Emerald Green Hair ColorRich Amethyst Hair Color

Jewel-toned hair colors are so trendy right now! Jewel-toned hair colors require you to pre-lighten your locks to a pale blonde. If you are not ready to commit, then extensions in this hue is the best way to play with the color without damage. Amethyst hair color will give an extra pop to dark complexion with warm undertones.Rich Amethyst Hair Color