2017 Hair Colors for Mid-Length Haircut

Bobs/lobs are the most requested haircuts of the season. Everyone wants to try out asymmetrical lobs and blunt bobs. Well, that’s really cool, but your haircut is never complete without a good hair color. Whether you are growing out your lob or you just decided to chop off your locks to a short bob here are 2017 hair colors for mid-length haircuts. You will hardly find a better way to refresh up your look rather than giving it a new hair color. Just watch these pictures and choose the best idea to enhance your lob/bob haircut.2017 Hair Colors for Mid-Length HaircutBrunette Hair with Highlights

It is your ultimate chance to warm up your brunette layers with honeyed streaks. The color will definitely enhance your medium-length haircut. Perhaps it is the easiest option for brunettes as they don’t have to bleach their locks with harsh chemicals. Harmoniously chosen hair color and haircut complement each other creating a lovely headdress for any season of the year.Brunette Hair with Highlights

Face Framing Highlights

If you are already blonde and you don’t know how to enhance it ask your colorist to place finely threaded face-brightening highlights over your face. The lovely highlights will definitely take this “sensible” hair length a step higher and brighten up your complexion. You just need to try it, and you will not regret! Plus it doesn’t require regular touchups!Face Framing HighlightsBrunette Hair with Blonde Tips

These lovely tips perfectly imitate the sun-bleached effect. The subtle color combo adds an extra touch of femininity to the style. It is your ultimate chance to add a pop of color to your locks with less effort. Note that the medium-length haircut emphasizes the color bringing out only the best of it. It is a low-maintenance look that can easily be adopted by all brunettes out there.Brunette Hair with Blonde TipsDark Roots with Bleached Locks

These inky roots with bleached ends toe the line between pretty and punk. It is the highest moment to embrace this trend and rock a modern hair color on your medium-length haircut. Actually the dark roots reduce maintenance of any hair color. Now you can pick the most vibrant and crazy hues and pair them with your natural roots.Perfect Blonde

If you want to give a pitch surfer blonde hair color to your locks, take this picture with you. Ask your colorist to give your strands a medium-blonde tone and place some warm highlights around your face. Don’t worry about revealed roots as they give an extra charm to the look. A choppy bob haircut comes in handy to complete the look.Perfect Blonde