2017 Hair Highlights for Any Hair Color

Hair highlights are the most popular choice among females as they may radically transform the entire look without full commitment. Highlights come in different shades and shapes. They are meant for every hair color. Generally highlights are being done two-tone lighter than your natural hair color but you are free to choose your favorite highlighted style. Modern females prefer to go bold with pastel highlights. However hair highlights are excellent color enhancers. Here I have selected 2017 hair highlights for any hair color, just check them out!2017 Hair Highlights for Any Hair ColorDirty Blonde with Light Blonde Streaks

This shade can also be described as caramelized blonde with prominent hair highlights in sandy- almost beige tones. It is an excellent combination to bring out your eye color and compliment your skin tone. The colorists recommend setting a regimen- every four to six weeks to go for touchups. In this way the strands will look healthy with fresh hair color.Dirty Blonde with Light Blonde StreaksMedium Brown with Golden Highlights

Highlights are powerful enough to enhance a brunette hair color. Look no further than this gorgeous model with sheer gold streaks. The light highlights have been placed throughout dark brunette locks keeping its natural appeal. It is a delicate and subtle color combo that will definitely take your bob to the highest levels.Medium Brown with Golden HighlightsAllover Blonde Highlights

In order to achieve these head turner hair color you will need to ask your colorist to place ash blonde highlights on your existing blonde hair color. Popped up roots will not bother the look instead they will enhance the color and give a feel of movement. Ash blonde highlights are irresistible as they create a lovely contrast with lighter streaks.Allover Blonde HighlightsDeep Brunette with Caramel Highlights

Highlights give a pop of color to any hair color. In this particular style the highlights start at the crown that makes the style easier to maintain between salon visits. Another good thing about this look is that the regrowth work with the look as the highlights are placed in the lower layers as well. It is a great style to adopt particularly when you want to add a color to your face.Deep Brunette with Caramel HighlightsChestnut Brown with Red Streaks

The warm hits of wine don’t overwhelm this natural brown hair color. The obvious highlights have been placed around the face to create a gorgeous face framing design. It is a cool option for ladies who have virgin hair and don’t know how to enhance it. At least this style is super low-maintenance and can be worn by everyone.Chestnut Brown with Red Streaks