Temporary Hair Color Ideas

We, women are so thankful that there is an array of temporary methods to color our strands. It is a great fun to change our appearance whenever we want. Some hair coloring techniques require using harsh chemicals that damage the strands. Bleaching is probably the biggest enemy of your locks. Apart from this some of us work in an environment that requires having an “acceptable look”. Temporary hair colors allow you to dye your hair whenever you go out or whenever your mood strikes. Here are the best temporary hair color looks that you will definitely love.Temporary Hair Color IdeasHair Chalks

Hair chalks work for everyone. Some temporary methods of coloring the locks don’t appear as effective as hair chalks. Hair chalks are fantastic option for dark haired-ladies as well. However chalk pastels are a lot better than hair chalks. They are relatively cheaper and the result is much better. If you have ultra-dark locks make them wet, blondes don’t have to do it.hhair chalkColor Rub By Hairflairs

Well, you can’t color your strands using this temporary technique at home as it is used by salons. It is similar to eye shadow technique but it is made for the locks. Color rub technique comes in radiant and bright colors. Actually there is nothing complicated about applying the color and it easily washes out. Whenever you feel like turning back to your natural hair color, simply wash your locks and it is back again. Color Rub By HairflairsColored Mascara

It is possible to find Colored Mascara in any cosmetic store. The best thing about it is that the color stays on the locks until your wash them out. You can choose literally any shade of rainbow. This is another cool way to color your hair without damaging it. It is unbelievably fast and simple. Everyone can try out this option as there is nothing to lose. It is the best moment to make your dreams come true with the most stunning hair shades.Markers

Whether you believe or not but this temporary way of coloring may last from 2 days to 2 months based on your texture and hair color. However you still need to know how to use the markers right to get the best look. You can achieve the color by your own as well. Watch some YouTube tutorials to know the basic principles of applying the tones.hair markerFood Coloring

It may seem funny but you can use food coloring products to tint your hair. It may last pretty long depending on your hair type. The color will stay longer on blonde hair but on dark strands it will just add a sparkle of the color. Use the toothbrush to comb it into the strands and then blow dry but don’t wash your locks 24 hours.food coloring for hair