Crazy Neon Hair Colors for 2017

The neon hair colors are going to dominate in 2017’s fashion industry. Neon hair colors are not easy to achieve as you will need to perform a lot more care on your locks than you used to do but it is totally worth it. These bright hair colors define brave heart ladies. It is true that the neon hair color is more than enough to express your personality. Well, you can easily dye your locks to copper, brown, red, blonde but things change when the theme is neon hair colors. Your colorist will need to do lots of job to provide your desired neon. These pictures of crazy neon hair colors for 2017 will encourage you and give you inspiration.Crazy Neon Hair Colors for 2017Neon Orange Hair Color

This bright orange hair color is close to coppery hues, so whenever you don’t feel like rocking your neon you may turn to copper-red hair color by darkening it. Neon orange is being adopted by women with light or cool skin complexions. Women with these skin tones have a great advantage. You can also match this color with grey hair tones to create an ombre-like design.Neon Orange Hair ColorNeon Green Hair Color

Is it necessary to mention that it is a statement hair color? It is a perfect color that every woman can choose. If you have wavy locks and you consider yourself a brave woman ready for radical changes, try out this neon green hair color. However don’t forget to protect your locks with qualified hair products as the color is super high-maintenance.Neon green hair colorNeon Pink Hair Color

Women love pink hair colors and pink shades look absolutely gorgeous on the locks. If you have long locks and white or light skin tone you shouldn’t think twice as this pink neon will only accentuate your features. But compared with other colors neon pink is a bit hard to achieve without damaging locks. You will need to be extra attentive and don’t skip your hair care procedures.neon pink hair colorNeon Blue Hair Color

Blue is a kind of color that holds every kind of felling in it. Modern women love to express their emotions with the help of hair colors so it is totally worth to take the risk and rock the boldest and trendiest hair shades. Edgy blue allows you to free your feelings and emotions. Neon blue hair color looks awesome on white and whitish skin tones. As it is also a hard color to achieve ask for the help of professionals.Neon Blue Hair ColorRed Orange Neon Hair Color

Here is another edgy neon hair color that is definitely not for soft heart ladies. It requires combining pinks, reds and oranges to achieve a multidimensional neon hair color. With a headdress like this you will definitely be easily spotted.neon hair color