Red Carpet: Best Hair Color Moments

Have you ever considered that you may also have as stunning look as celebrities? The first step is to choose a right hair color. Even a simple change of your hair hue may radically transform your entire appearance into something better. Here we have gathered the best hair color moments from red carpet events. You will see that these celebrities didn’t fear to go for radical changes to find their own color. They prove that the notion like “there is nothing better than your natural hair color” may not always be true.Best Hair Color MomentsRed Hair Color

Whether you believe or not but Christina Hendricks was once a hot blonde. She explained that after becoming a redhead she has finally felt like herself. This statement hair color is an inspiration for ladies who have the same complexion as Christina. The coppery hue highlights her blue eyes and brings out her cool skin tone with rosy undertones.Red Hair ColorPlatinum Blonde Hair Color

No one would ever guess that Gwen Stefani was born as a brown-haired lady. Fashion critics love to compare her with Monroe. Her white blonde hue is a desired shade for many of us. The mythical and most interesting fact about her blonde hair is that she has never showed off the dark roots. Gwen Stefani explains that after bleaching her locks everything has changed in her life.Platinum Blonde Hair ColorJet Black Hair Color

That moment when Katy Perry stepped up on the red carpet with jet black hair color will remain in our minds forever. As a California girl Katy Parry was a natural blonde but when she has dyed her locks to jet-black everyone started to love this solid hair hue. It is not a secret that Katy Perry has dyed her locks every shade of rainbow but jet-black is the most prominent color that we will always love.Jet Black Hair ColorAuburn Hair Color

Emma Stone is a natural blonde but she feels more comfortable in a fiery shade of auburn. Emma Stone’s red hair color has always been a matter of discussion for many bloggers and fashion gurus. This shade flatters her skin tone and brings out her eyes. However a bob haircut makes an excellent pair with auburn hair color.Auburn Hair ColorChestnut Brown Hair Color

We used to see brunettes going blonde but Leighton Meester proves that brunette shades also can have a star power. Being a natural blonde, she dyed her hair a chestnut brown. Nowadays she experiments with various shades of brunette hair colors while inspiring dark-haired ladies to update their brunette hair with fresh brown tones.Chestnut Brown Hair Color