Trendiest Highlighting Techniques of 2017

Highlights are trendy like always but with the coming of spring and summer our desires of getting more dimensions tend to grow tenfold. Great hair colors may take some time and effort so it is never too early to start processing it for the upcoming season. Here we have tried to do our own research to find the best highlighting techniques of 2017 that provide a mind blowing look to anyone who decides to apply. Highlights don’t require full commitment so they are great for anyone who is not ready for radical changes.Trendiest Highlighting Techniques of 2017Lived-in Color

This technique is meant to imitate sun-kissed color. It has been inspired by the tones in natural blonde hair color. Before placing the highlights, colorist analyzes the client’s skin tone and eye color. Based on the season he decides how light or dark they should go. Then he highlights the strands creating a fake root in the process. This technique is all about blending and giving the client a natural-looking appearance.Lived in ColorBeach-Inspired Balayage

This beach inspired technique is really unique. It is an excellent option for ladies with virgin hair. Balayage highlights are meant to break up the monotone color palette. In case if you want to go lighter, it will take some appointments. However balayage is one of the trendiest hair coloring techniques that will never leave the hair industry.Beach Inspired BalayageTipping

Using the tipping approach, the popular hair colorist Rez adds extra pops to the ends of the locks. He has applied the balayage and foiling techniques to achieve graduated highlights going from dark to light. This technique is a great idea for clients who are looking for a quick lightness. It is important to use color corrections for a perfect effect.tipping hair highlightsHair Painting

Say goodbye to foiling as the hand painting technique is here to provide a better look. Actually hand painting is a freehanded technique and allows you to achieve a really subtle look. However this technique requires some experience to know how much product to use and when to use it. Make sure your colorist is skillful enough to place hand painted highlights throughout your locks.Hair PaintingFreestyle Painting and Foils

The most traditional way to apply the highlights to the locks is to use the foils. Foils can be done on delicate and fine strands. Foiling is not recommended doing at home as you may damage your locks. However before making your mind you should decide whether you want to achieve highlights through foils or foil