Metal Hair Colors for 2017

Isn’t the spring a new excuse for a new dye job? Sun bleached hues are still the hottest trends of the season and the favorite style of lazy girls but here is another trend that has gone viral. Meet metal hair colors for 2017. You can use metallic hues to amp up your strands. Heavy metals are not only your favorite colors as celebrities also love to experiment with such unique hues. The following metallic hues will inspire you for your next hair color makeover. Keep on reading to know more.Metal Hair Colors for 2017Copper Hair Color

If you are obsessed with red hair hues, copper metal is for you. Go for bright or dark copper to accessorize your long or short strands. Throw some dark roots growth into the mix as a bonus. Probably copper is the trendiest shade of red that anyone can pull off. It still has lots of sub tones that you will need to figure out. In order to avoid failures, consult your colorist about your favorite copper.Copper Hair ColorRose Gold Hair Color

Rose gold is the sweetest hue of the heavy metal looks as you can match your hair to the rose. It is a fantastic option for ladies who have already had golden blonde locks. We can say that you are halfway there as you just need to add a pink tint for the soft, warm shade. Rose gold has already gained popularity among trendsetters.Rose Gold Hair ColorPlatinum Blonde Hair Color

Platinum is the richest and nicest shade of metallic hues. The white and silver shades can be used equally to create a metal feel. But the thing to know is that it is a high maintenance color so you have to use purple shampoos to keep your locks fresh and shiny. If you are not a blonde you will need to take a long journey to achieve this metallic hue.Platinum Blonde Hair ColorSilver Hair Color

Kick your grey up a few steps with a striking silver shade. The key to bring out the natural sheen of the strands is using the right toners. However this is one of the most difficult hues to achieve. Find a colorist who is really familiar with this trend and has enough experience. If you like this particular look, take the picture with you.Silver Hair ColorRonze Hair Color

Are you interested to know what ronze is? Well, it is the mix of red and bronze hair colors which is essentially a classic red hair color. It is a wearable hair color particularly for brunettes. To achieve a perfect hue you will need to find a right balance of the tones that flatter your skin complexion.Ronze Hair Color