Hollywood Inspired Brunette Hair Colors

Whenever you feel like lack of inspiration check out glamorous celebrities for the best ideas. Hollywood is full of dark-haired starlets who have already experimented with light and dark brunette hair colors. It doesn’t matter you are looking to add streaks of honey to your hair or to go for a deeper shade of brown, as here you will find the best brunette hair colors by celebs. Just flip through these professionally dyed natural manes before you head to the salon. Brunette Hair Colors Ash Brown Hair Color

It is impossible not to love Lily Colin’s ash brown hair color as it brings out her eye hue and gives pops to the bob. Accentuated eyes and lips work really well with her vintage inspired bob. Therefore ash brown hair color is an excellent option for brunettes who are looking for refreshments. It doesn’t require lots of effort to achieve a hue like this as it is still dark.Ash Brown Hair ColorChestnut Highlights

If full commitment is not for you consider hair highlights. Salma Hayek’s chestnut highlights may serve a good source of inspiration for brunettes who don’t know how to spice up their locks. Chestnut highlights are placed around the face to create a stunning frame for the face. At least you don’t have to go for frequent touchups to keep your color fresh and shiny.Chestnut HighlightsMahogany Hair Color

Mahogany is a super wearable hair color for brunettes as it still dark and compliments numerous skin complexions. Take cure from Alexis Bledel who perfectly rocks mahogany hair color. This lovely hue allows her to pull off a red tone while showing off her brunette side. If you have complexions like Alexis Bledel just follow her example and go mahogany.Mahogany Hair ColorPitch Black Dye Job

Solid hair colors are in trend and pitch black is always there to bring out your inner queen. Shay Mitchell’s black hair color is a fantastic example for brunettes. Black is universally appealing shade that can be adopted by everyone. If you have tan skin tone and brown eyes go for a dark shade like this. It is an effortless and easy color to wear.black hair colorHoney Brown Hair Color

Honey brown hair colors seem so yummy and trendy. Jourdan Dunn’s honey brown hair has already been copied by lots of ladies around the world, now it is your turn! Note that the roots are darker than the rest of strands. This honey brown can be an excellent update for your dark hair color. It is the highest moment to break up the monotone color palette with a lovely shade like this.Honey Brown Hair Color