Best Blonde Hair Colors for You

Some were born with natural blonde hair color while others try to do their best to find the most appropriate shade to go blonde. Every blonde hue is unique and distinctive whether you achieved it in a single process or you are naturally blonde. Going blonde is a long commitment but it is worth your effort as you will get all fun you have ever wanted. Here is a guide to the spectrum of edgy shades -from cool platinum to blonde. Keep reading to find the most inspiring blonde hair color for your next hair makeover.Best Blonde Hair Color for YouSandy Blonde Hair Color

This deeper hue incorporated with lighter and darker tones reminds of sea and sand. It has been achieved by blending a base color with highlights. This color requires lots of maintenance. Ask your hair colorist about your maintenance plans. You shouldn’t use shampoos with tints and tones on your own otherwise you will destroy everything. It is better to use conditioners infused with hints of the shades you have already got in your locks.Sandy Blonde Hair ColorDirty Blonde Hair Color

This blonde hue features warm and cool tones. The celebrity’s colorist recommends lifting the overall shade in one tone from roots to bring out the warm undertones or go for balayage technique that will allow you to give the look a sun-kissed effect. This hair color softens the entire look creating a lovely dirty blonde tone.Dirty Blonde Hair ColorStrawberry Blonde Hair Color

Strawberry is probably one of the sweetest hues that you can pull off. It is an excellent option for ladies who can’t commit between blonde and red shades. Ask your colorist for a seamless blend of red and blonde to have a look like this. It is preferable to take two photos with you to get the color you desire as strawberry blond has many sub-tones. Keep the look bright with the help of qualified hair products.Strawberry Blonde Hair ColorBlonde Pink Hair Colors

A dip dyed pastel hair color like this is increasing in popularity. The pink and blonde tones make a perfect combination as both of them are pretty light plus you don’t have to pre-lighten your locks before applying the pink hair color. However, it is a high-maintenance look that requires regular touchups. Use a mask specifically designed to maintain the color and keep everything in condition.Blonde Pink Hair ColorsBronde Hair Color

This natural hue requires blending dark blonde and brown shades for a natural beachy effect. Bronde hair color is popular both among celebrities and ordinary females as it one of those unique hair colors that allow you to experiment with brown and blonde tones at the same time. However you still have to decide whether you want to be a more blonde or brunette.Bronde Hair Color