2017 Blonde Hair Colors with Dark Roots

If you thinking of tinting your locks blonde but truly fear the frequent root touchups to conceal the grown out sections, you may like this post. Nowadays there is no more reason to worry about the dark roots, as there is a new hot trend that is all about maintaining your dark roots. This trend has gone viral all around the world. Most of ladies have already managed to experiment with the hottest hair colors, keeping the roots dark. Probably many years ago it wasn’t a good idea to show off the dark roots now it is accepted everywhere. These pictures of 2017 blonde hair colors with dark roots are the best proof.2017 Blonde Hair Colors with Dark RootsPerhaps it is two-tone hair color trend that has made dark roots in blonde hair acceptable. Two –tone hair colors always guarantee a unique look. By keeping your roots dark you create a lovely two-tone hair color that is also trendy ombre. Several years ago women had to go for frequent touchups as having two tones on the locks would draw lots of attention and make a bold statement. However the ombre hair color version reduces maintenance.

ash blonde hair color with dark roots

Women with dark roots can still be considered statement makers but at least they will have a relaxed attitude about dark roots. This trend is popular both among celebrities and ordinary women. We have already seen many celebs wearing their blonde hair color on the red carpet. Subtle waves, right-in trend beach waves, sassy bobs and lobs and badass braids are particularly suitable for the dark root look.

dark roots and blonde balayage

dark roots and blonde balayage

I bet we have already convinced you to rock this two-tone hair color look. But there are still some important things that you should know before going for the look as we know that trendsetters always want to have the best look. Just follow our instructions to make your hair color pop up.

dark roots and blonde balayage

Two-tone hair colors look absolutely amazing in combination with beach waves and soft waves. These lovely elements will enhance your look providing a feminine look. Keep in your mind that just the color is not enough to have a complete look. It is important to pick a right hairstyle that will help you showcase your hair color.Well, dark roots in blonde hair color are not rugged but effortless and causal, if of course they are healthy. You don’t have to go for an edgy transition from dark to light hair color to look stunning. Subtle and delicate transitions are super appealing. If you are not sure about this option, consult your colorist before you will make your final decision.dark roots with blonde sombre