Trendy Caramel Hair Highlights for 2017

Being a versatile hue, caramel ranges from dark brownish to soft creamy hues. Carmel is a perfect idea for highlights, ombres and any other pattern. However we can say that any hair color can adopt a pop of caramel. Caramel hair highlights on the blonde or brown base offers a sophisticated and chic hair color. The best thing about caramel highlights is that they are universally flattering, which means that everyone can pull off the highlights regardless of natural texture, hair type, and hair color. These engaging examples of caramel hair highlights for 2017 will inspire you.Trendy Caramel Hair Highlights for 2017Caramel and Blonde

Caramel highlights are excellent to sport and can bring the best of your haircut. These hair highlights are designed to add extra dimension and depth. Give your locks a modern trim and your hair color will accentuate it making it even cooler. If you have blonde hair it is an effortless look for you, otherwise you have to lighten up your locks.Caramel and Blonde hair color for 2017Blonde Accents

When it comes to caramel hair highlights, the crop also has a huge influence. Even with the trendiest hair color you will not have a flattering and attractive look for you, if there is no a right haircut. If your locks have always been long, go for shorter cut, such as an A-line bob or lob. It will provide a modern and stylish appearance. Finish the style with simple hair waves.caramel hair highlightsCaramel Color for Brown Hair

Well, curling your strands may take some time but if you have a wavy texture you can use the iron to enhance it. However, consider going for a color that that follows the curves of your waves or curls. Black hue may seem tricky but any lighter hair color that uses contrasting hair highlights can look lovely. Take an example from this picture!Caramel Color for Brown HairCaramel Tones

If you don’t want to go for contrasting looks, sport a hair hue that is from the same color family. Caramel hue works really well with caramel sub-tones. Ask your colorist for highlights that are two tones darker or lighter than your natural hair color. The highlights will pop up creating a lovely headdress. This option works both on long and short strands. caramel hair color for 2017Caramel Streaks on Dark Hair

Here both the haircut and hair color complement each other providing a flattering combo. If you have a natural dark hair color, don’t miss your chance to pull off a sumptuous hair color like this. However you don’t have to bleach your locks too much, less pre-lightening will help you achieve a style like this.Caramel Streaks on Dark Hair